OGxS1LVER LV.10 Epic
Aug 27, 2020, 05:24 PM 399 read

streaming bloodborne i need help this game hard asf

live on twitch rn twitch.tv/ogxs1lver

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  • ung0dly LV.13 Hunter Aug 27, 2020, 06:26 PM

    well, if you were still on, i would have volunteered to help, and it seems your at Yaha'gul, and the boss there is The One Reborn. if you're having trouble with the area, try leveling up some, getting better equipment (or repairing current) and farming blood vials/quicksilver bullets. this late in the game, i'd recommend farming the giant church servants (cathedral ward/grand cathedral) for blood vials and the riflemen at central yarnham for quick-silver bullets

  • ung0dly LV.13 Hunter Aug 27, 2020, 06:37 PM

    or, say you've got the DLC (this way isn't recommended unless you've beaten base game (and by "base" i mean getting the "true/moon presence ending")), book it to the grand cathedral in the hunter's nightmare (it's honestly pretty hard to miss it) and you'll see a big boi wielding an axe, run up the stairs after he's dealt with the other two and he should just turn around and just, walk away. when he stops, do a charged R2 on him and V-attack him. if you're fast enough, the second you can do another charged R2, do it, and it may put him in a staggered state again. if you're not confident you can hit the second charged R2, just go back to the top of the steps and repeat until death. after he's dead just pop a bold hunter's mark or run all the way back to the lamp and repeat that as many times as necessary. he drops 6 blood vials upon death so it should be worth it if you can run past the peeps around him