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QuestionWhat’s mozzies best gun

W4FFLETW 14d 47 read


Forcoolbr Beginner 12d 0 Selected Score

P10 ronin

WolfMasterGaming5678 Beginner 12d 5 Selected Score

I personally like the commando. Mainly for the reload tho😂

Raysteyn2580 Beginner 12d 0 Selected Score

Ronni or super shorty

Spetsnazmain15 Beginner 13d 9 Selected Score

The p-10roni and his dead súper shorty

Legochini Moot Master 13d 221 Selected Score

Both good both ronni is slightly better for headshots

BrainlessBrian Beginner 14d 1 Selected Score

The pest launcher, clearly


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