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QuestionHow to play mozzie

W4FFLETW 9d 52 read


TheHazzanOnTwitch Beginner 4d 1 Selected Score

I would put the pests on the doors to objective and if you have enough, one near the entrance you think they are going to come through.

Just_Jaden Beginner 6d 0 Selected Score

You have to have the pizza uniform and head gear on unless it won’t work trust me

NØK ĀG3TE Beginner 6d 0 Selected Score

I’d say put pest launchers on all doors (OBJ) then depending on the map if u played on chalet I would say roam but on house or skyscraper anchor Use Commando 9 (holo, muzzle) SDP (muzzle) Nitro

Retro_Chazza Beginner 8d 10 Selected Score

Be short

Badknucklestko Beginner 9d 0 Selected Score

When u get a drone put in a good spot for your team


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