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How to make your game more pleasant environment

Make the AI only attack only one city every 60 minute or even 120 & 240 minute on lower official rank.. Like in every minute 57..
Make event of recharging get double YuanBao in Vip Point start from Vip 4 or 5.. Which means recharging 600 Yuan Bao will make your Vip Status +1200.. So everyone will surely try to recharge to get better Vip Shop available..
Don't make this game from a game of relax into a game of overspending time..
Don't make too many unimportant change every fuckin week which you think you're making a more pleasant environment but from what I see is more people is leaving than new player are surviving..

Three Kingdoms RESIZING Jun 25, 2020, 02:15 PM
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吴。CaoKacao / UID : 524906 / CH 05 / Hello GM here's my DongZhuo

Hello GM here's my DongZhuo.. Almost forget posting..
HuaXiong I don't need.. Give me DaQiao shard or XiaoQiao or ZhangFei shard..

吴。CaoKacao / UID : 524906 / CH 05 / Hello GM here's my DongZhuo +1
Three Kingdoms RESIZING Jun 24, 2020, 10:20 AM
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吴。CaoKacao / UID : 524906 / CH 05 / Hello GM here's my ZhouYu

Hello GM here's my ZhouYu.. Don't forget give me extra bonus..
Because if you give I will consider making myself Vip 12..

吴。CaoKacao / UID : 524906 / CH 05 / Hello GM here's my ZhouYu +1
Three Kingdoms RESIZING Jun 24, 2020, 10:17 AM
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吴。CaoKacao / UID : 524906 / CH 05 / Hello GM here's my XiaoQiao

Hello GM here's my XiaoQiao

吴。CaoKacao / UID : 524906 / CH 05 / Hello GM here's my XiaoQiao
Three Kingdoms RESIZING Jun 9, 2020, 05:42 PM
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[SUGGEST] Official Rank Daily Package Reward Adjustment

GM consider this suggestion and be innovative a bit if you think you can make a better change or addition..
If it's impossible to matchmaking based on combat power..
I strongly suggest this :
Reward for every official rank should have big difference.. Big enough to make every player that have high enough power to try as hard as possible to reach the highest rank they could reach..
By so all this matchmaking problem will be solved.. Because every player that strong enough to go to the next level will try to make themself up as soon as possible.. HEALTHY COMPETITION.. HEALTHY ENVIRONMENT.. By SYSTEM you adjust !!
Example :
G Minister Daily Package :
10 Strategy Kit + 1 Blitz + 10k Silver Coin
C.O Justice Daily Package :
11 Strategy KIt + 2 Blitz + 30k Silver Coin + 50 Spirit + 1 Orange Random Star Weapon Box
M. General Daily Package :
12 Strategy Kit + 3 Blitz + 70k Silver Coin + 100 Spirit + 4 Red Equipment *5 Part
F. Marshal Daily Package
13 Strategy Kit + 3 Blitz + 150k Silver Coin + 250 Spirit + 8 Red Equipment *5 Part
And so on.. The higher the rank the higher and more amazing the daily package..
By so everyone will try as hard as possible to reach highest rank..
And if they're stuck on a certain level of power and can't be patience..
THEY WILL TOP UP / RECHARGE MORE AND MORE MONEY TO MAKE YOU RICH AND RICHER.. Thanks me later when you're on FORBES.. With Red Hero CaoCao of course..
GM this is the easiest way to fix it and it make many player will happy to be more active.. More active means more time spent.. More time spent means more money possibly spent..
By so if any of your player stucking themself on lower official position..
They're losing some reward which is very valueable every single day..
Because right now your official rank reward is ridiculous..
It's only 1 Strategy Kit difference on daily package.. Who fuckin need that ?
I have hundreds even thousand of that tactic that is too much quantity since the very beginning of this game and I will really enjoy selling them for silver coin..
And in the next week if you find another complaint of which rank your player stuck the most.. Make the higher level of that rank they stuck on more valueable on the next patch.. So everyone who stucking there will try to go up and there you get your system right and fair again..
GM once again.. Don't forget the reward RED HERO Cao Cao for this genius suggestion..
Which will save a lot of your player..
Addition from Jhembut :
if it doesn't get fix maybe lot of new player will give up because always met much stronger player..

Three Kingdoms RESIZING Jun 1, 2020, 10:25 PM
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【REPORT】Ban this ID because mental illness

This person Nick GuanYu from CH8..
Keep chating things with sensitive issue such as religion, God, poorness, stealing and the funny thing is he's not chating with anyone.. Just keep chat about it nonstop from afternoon til night..
Many witnesses this and GM you should ban this person to avoid this issue getting bigger and bigger.. And actually many of other player already tell him nicely to make it personal chat or do it somewhere else not at global chat room.. I believe also many Korean player who use translation dislike and get disturbed by this person keep chating many sensitive issues..
By the way, GM I think I should get reward for posting and help you by reporting this to keep the safety of your chat room community.. I'm very accepting and thanksfull if you give Red Hero Cao Cao as the reward.. ^___^
Thanks very much..

【REPORT】Ban this ID because mental illness +1
Three Kingdoms RESIZING May 24, 2020, 07:59 PM
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吴.Almighty / 524906 / Hello GM here's my Cao Ren!

Hello GM here's my Cao Ren..
But I already have Zhang Liao so can I change it to Deng Ai or Xun You..
Thanks very much GM..

吴.Almighty / 524906 / Hello GM here's my Cao Ren!
Three Kingdoms RESIZING Apr 30, 2020, 11:13 AM
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吴.Almighty/Channel05/524906 +1
Three Kingdoms RESIZING Apr 11, 2020, 11:21 PM
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About Night Mode

GM make night mode gone.. It's useless and suffering for people who play at US or North America and Europe..
You know right there's big covid disease over there so there'll be a lot of new player from there because they're at home.. How do they going to play if you limit your game by your country time..
How alien like me and my friends gonna play if you limit us by humanoid time while we live in a place where time and space doesn't even exist.. You can make your game go international even universal if you do..
Matchmaking should be arrange by power.. Not by official rank..
It's buggy and start making no fun at all..

Three Kingdoms RESIZING Apr 11, 2020, 04:28 PM
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About the cafe

When we open the game.. There's a green button there and there's two choice..
English channel or 3 word of korean language cafe..
May I have the link of the korean word cafe..
Because when I click the green button and even join the cafe forum..
They need me to register naver id and I try it several time but never sucess..
Can GM or someone give the link here..
So I can open it with my laptop so I can translate and learn more about this game ?
Because I found english forum is too simple and basic without any interesting discussion..
And if even I open it with my gadget or iphone it can't translate whole page like how PC/Laptop can do..

Three Kingdoms RESIZING Apr 11, 2020, 02:13 PM
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Zhang Fei event again & Huang Zhong..

Please make Zhang Fei event again I need him so much.. And why like no one ever get Huang Zhong..

Three Kingdoms RESIZING Apr 9, 2020, 11:54 AM
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