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Thank You For Voting! | Medb vs Ailill Halloween Banners

By popular demand, I will adorn my profile with the Ailill Banner. 🧡

Thank you, everyone, and have a wonderful Halloween~!! 🎃🦇

Thank You For Voting! | Medb vs Ailill Halloween Banners +1
DESTINY CHILD Nov 1, 2020, 01:22 AM
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New Re:Birth Labyrinth Skins! | DC Japan ✿

An official announcement has been made by DC Japan's official Twitter on Oct. 21st.

New pactmaker skins will be released after their Dec. 3rd maintenance update, to include the lovely Neptune, Saturn, Mars, and Venus. ♡

Take a look~!
They've released Ziva's pactmaker skin under a limited-time notice, whom will be released on Global and can be obtained for free with her WB run on Nov. 19th~Dec. 3rd. It appears that Ziva's skin will be removed from the Re:Lab after the Dec. 3rd maintenance. Will the same happen for our Global platform?

Here's the list of additional Childs to receive their pactmaker skins:
List translation:
✭5 - ??? [Mystery Limited Skin], Neptune, Saturn, Mars, and Venus
✭4 - Pietas, Tisiphone, Gomorrah, and Eos
✭3 - Tartarus, Bremen, and Chain Killer

What's your prediction of when we'll receive a similar update?

Ext. Links for the update!
➜ Twitter: https://twitter.com/destinyc_info/status/1319112490475646977?s=19
➜ DC JP Blog: http://blog.destiny-child.jp/archives/26607044.html
I hope everyone continues to enjoy the DOAXVV Collab until its expiration! Have an amazing day. ♡

New Re:Birth Labyrinth Skins! | DC Japan ✿ +3
DESTINY CHILD Nov 1, 2020, 12:31 AM
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Re: Collabs Resurrected

Hi, everyone! 🤍

I hope you continue to enjoy the DOAXVV Collab before it closes on Tuesday.

Since this event was announced, I've been wondering if they'll revive any of the other old Collabs we've had. While it may not be likely, I'm still curious if anyone would like to see it happen.

Of course, it would be awesome if they used a similar format; release new Childs/Units and re-release the old ones! 🤍

Here are the Collabs I'd love to see return ordered from most desired and lower.

1. BlazBlue
My desire lies strongly with BlazBlue, because I absolutely adored Makoto, Nine, and Noel. I hadn't kept Noel, and grinded through her ND to get her skin, only to dissolve her away for the EXP of another Child... Never again! (I made the same mistake with Kasumi, and now I have regained whom was once thought to be irreplaceable. ♡)
I'd try pull for Nine and Makoto on a second run, since it's likely we'd be able to earn Noel for free, much like with Kasumi's second WB run.

Would you like to see BlazBlue return? If so, which characters would you like to see reimagined in Tae's beautiful, unique style?

Once again... I board the train of regret! I was able to obtain a copy of each of the three Mikus that premiered during their events, and for the sake of sacrifice, they were exchanged for EXP.

It would be amazing to see them return, along with other gorgeous Miku designs like these~!

And there are just so many more adorable renditions of Miku, the DEVs would have a little treasure chest to go through if they went looking for something new. ♡

Would you like to see Hatsune Miku make a return?

3. Catherine: Full Body
I hadn't ever played the game, but the art style is so eye-catchingly gorgeous! My favorite had to have been Katherine. 🤍

I unfortunately hadn't kept the obtained Childs from this event, so having them return and introducing new characters would be lovely. ♡
[Katherine and Catherine reimagined in the beautiful style of Ilya Kuvshinov.]

Would you like to see Catherine: Full Body make a return?

4. Kemono Friends
I wasn't too familiar with Kemono Friends when the collaboration event premiered, but the three characters were absolutely adorable. ♡
I didn't receive any of the units then, and I likely wouldn't grind any particular dungeon to obtain them, but earning a copy of any would be a lovely bonus. 🤍

Would you like to see Kemono Friends make a return?

And that is my tier list. ♡

What is your most desired collab you'd like resurrected, if any~?

Re: Collabs Resurrected +11
DESTINY CHILD Oct 30, 2020, 01:40 PM
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Medb or Ailill~? 🎃🦇

Hi, everyone~! I made some spooky banners for my profile with the adorable Medb and the charming Ailill. 🧡

Which one do you fancy most? I'm going to choose your favorite and use it for all of Halloween weekend! 🎃


Medb or Ailill~? 🎃🦇 +2
DESTINY CHILD Oct 28, 2020, 09:45 AM
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Yay, Ayane~!! ♡

After completing the Beach Volley Fiesta missions and receiving the 5✭ DOAXVV Summon Ticket, I decided, with a hopeful heart, to open it... And~...
The ever-beautiful Ayane appeared! ♡

Now I can really kick Kasumi's bu- I mean! Happy summoning~!! 🤍

Yay, Ayane~!! ♡ +2
DESTINY CHILD Oct 27, 2020, 12:01 AM
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Thoughts On A Dedicated PC Client~?

Good afternoon, everyone. 🤍

I hope you're enjoying the DOAXVV Collab so far, and that your summons are treating you well.

I wanted to know everyone's thoughts on a dedicated PC client for DC Global. The Korean release hasn't one, but the Japanese release has had one for quite some time. Though, I know the potential for us receiving one as well is likely low... I still wanted to hear everyone's opinion!

My PC runs the DMM client smoothly, with an amazingly sharp and eye-catching resolution. I've yet to endure any lag from running it. It runs more efficiently than any emulators I've tried, to include LDPlayer, Bluestacks, Nox, and MeMu. I'm sure that emulators can stack up well with the right specs, but I don't own a gaming PC, and I can run a PC client without any problems. ♡

Here are my PC's specs:
Processor: Intel Core i3-8145U CPU @ 2.10GHz/2.30GHz
RAM: 8.00GB
System: 64-bit OS, x64-based processor

Thank you to HekateFu for their post on this topic. 🤍
I hope everyone continues to enjoy the DOAXVV Collab event. Have an amazing day. ♡

Thoughts On A Dedicated PC Client~? +2
DESTINY CHILD Oct 25, 2020, 05:54 AM
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Who's Your Favorite DOAXVV☓DC Child~?

Hello, loves. ♡

Have you been enjoying the Collab Event? I hope it's been as rewarding as you desired~! Today, I wanted to know which DOAXVV☓DC Child you adored most~

I'm all-in for the beautiful and ever-charming Kasumi-chan~! ♡
Now, tell me...

Who's Your Favorite DOAXVV☓DC Child~? +1
DESTINY CHILD Oct 23, 2020, 01:05 PM
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DC's TapTap Launch: A Play-worthy Edition~?

[Fanart credit of our beloved Honoka belongs to xxNIKICHENxx~!]

Good evening fellow DC Mooties. ♡

As you all may know, the much-anticipated launch of DC's uncensored version has premiered~!... Or.. Has it~?

I've noticed quite a few changes to this edition of our beloved gacha collector, and to my dismay, they weren't too favorable.

Having been under the initial impression that Kim Hyung Tae's art would arrive untouched through this newfound avenue, I was unimaginably excited to experience it on the Global server.

However, it's become all-too obvious that this wasn't the case.
With the initial marketing, impressions were deep-rooted in the notion that we'd see the Korean server's art in its full glory, yet, it appears that we've been served something else entirely.

I wanted to be sure before making this post that I hadn't missed any important information, or that perhaps a miscommunication may have been made somewhere along the way.

I've been checking periodically throughout the day to see if anyone else would report similar concerns, and curiosity struck me blind with this particular comment:
So I did some investigating~!

I occasionally play DMM's Destiny Child on my PC, and wanted to see what Japan's exclusive uncensored edition would reveal... And alas, the tale is true. I'll be using Neamhain, as done in a previous post, to highlight the significance of change.

[Each version of Neamhain with her corresponding awakened skin icon.]
It would be a bit of an understatement to say that I'm disappointed...
How about you~? Are you pleased with the current state of DC on TapTap? Let's start a discussion. ♡
*This post is subject to edits. Please check back every now and again in case something changes~!*

DC's TapTap Launch: A Play-worthy Edition~? +5
DESTINY CHILD Oct 22, 2020, 11:51 AM
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Whatever Happened To Neamhain~..?

Love-Hate Neamhain [KR]
Love-Hate Neamhain [TapTap]
I've maxed my Neamhain on both DC's KR server and Global.

I was originally going to post this in the Bug Report forum, but I wasn't sure if this was a conscious decision made by the DEVs. I had initially thought that DC for TapTap wouldn't differ artistically from the KR server.

If anyone can dispel these uncertainties, I'd greatly appreciate it~! ♡

Whatever Happened To Neamhain~..? +1
DESTINY CHILD Oct 21, 2020, 02:23 PM
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The DOAXVV☓DC Collab Is On~!

Hello, lovely DC Mooters~! It's wonderful to see everyone again, I hope you all have been well and are enjoying the DOAXVV Collab~♡
First, I would love to know everyone's thoughts on the return of Honoka, Kasumi, and Marie Rose.

I'm personally excited, since I've regretfully sacrificed my original Kasumi unit for Onyx. It's great to have the chance to acquire her again..~ as for the other units, I decided to pull on the StepUp Summon Banner, and on the second pull, I received a copy of Marie Rose~! Honoka hasn't graced my collection just yet.

I'm rather hesitant to pull for Ayane, despite the presence of her dedicated banner. I won't be pulling for Leifang since you can acquire her through grinding out her ND~

I'll leave a dedicated poll for everyone to vote on how they're feeling about the original DOAXVV units' return towards the end.

As for news, I'd first like to sincerely apologize to everyone who participated in any DWCU Event. Those posts have been taken down, though I've kept any results charts/graphics attached to them. There will be another grand restart to the events I host, with reduced overlap. I attempted to hold three separate events at once, and it became incredibly difficult to consistently dedicate time to each of them. I'll be doing some restructuring and reorganizing of projects momentarily~
A Reincarnation Reset is in order~!

One thing that I've learned to accept is that schedules are never final, and can change depending on many other circumstances. Life interfered quite a bit through the first round, however, I'm hopeful that this second trial will yield more consistent results. I sincerely and wholeheartedly appreciate each and everyone of you who supports what I do, and continue to encourage me to do my absolute best. ♡

The Reincarnation Reset details will be highlighted in a separate post. I'm looking forward to seeing you all there~!

For now, let's enjoy this amazing collaboration event and continue to acquire those waifus~!! ♡

The DOAXVV☓DC Collab Is On~! +3
DESTINY CHILD Oct 21, 2020, 01:42 AM
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My Thoughts On DC's TapTap Launch~

Hello, darling DC Mooters... I hope you're having a pleasant morning or evening, wherever you are in this world~

I've recently commented on the DC News post concerning the game's TapTap launch, and have some concerns for both myself and my friends, as I'm afraid this will cause a massive split in the player base.

As an Android user, I've always had access to third-party applications via their website or links (APKs and similar files) with of course proceeding with caution, as some of these apps can be harmful to my OS, or are simply incompatible.

With the future release of this version of the game, I'm worried about my fellow iOS users, their access to (as it appears) content limited only to TapTap DC, and at the end of the day, security.

I've used apps like QooApp, Japan's mobile game launcher, to access the JP DC, as well as KR in the past. TapTap functions more or less identically to QooApp (as I've already downloaded the app and taken a deeper look), which gave me a sense of relief, as I've never had security or compatibility issues with QooApp...

But, only time will tell how the TapTap version of DC will function in relation to the iOS and Google Play versions. That aside, what will happen to the iOS player base? If this TapTap app is only Android compatible, that completely alienates other users and excludes them from accessing the content that they thought was promised by the DEVs, like the de-censoring of Childs.

This may not only hurt DC's Global player base as a whole, by having little pockets of players operating on different platforms with conceivably different content, but it will split an already tight-knit community of individuals who seek some sense of companionship in events such as Ragna:Breaks and World Bosses, not to mention any future implementations that rely on any form of player partnerships.

I'm deeply concerned about players who don't use Android software... If I pre-registered for this official release, why can't they? If I can access exclusive content that was promised beforehand.. Why can't they..?

If this goes down the road I believe it will, I can't possibly continue to participate on the TapTap DC server when it launches. I want to remain close to my friends and continue to support them as they would me.

Well~...sorry for that long rambling. I hope that everyone continues to receive answers to their questions and that DC highly considers the inclusion of iOS users, it would be unfair if otherwise.

A few more questions from me...

░ I've seen that you can transfer an existing account to the TapTap server, but without Facebook and Google, how..?

░ Will the event-release time-line remain unaltered?... Or will it undergo a complete overhaul?

※ I might add more questions to this soon.. These were just off the top of my head. Have a awesometastic day, everyone~

My Thoughts On DC's TapTap Launch~
DESTINY CHILD Sep 8, 2020, 01:53 AM
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