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hello, it is i, your local illiterate dumbass. please do not address me as teashit or i will politely remove your ✨kneecaps✨. i go by she/her pronouns but you may refer to me as one of the boys. i've compiled a neat little list for people to get to know me. feel free to message me if you want to play anything!
• mediocre gamer (don't leave me to clutch)
• here for fun
• toxic people get blocked!! (no cap 💅)
• est
• xbox ga(y)mer
• screeching assured
• voted least likely to be a furry
• game chat? never heard of her
• send toe-bean pics pls and i don't mean your crusty feet
• french ????

and we can't forget a list of games i play :). also if one more playstation player joins my xbox exclusive lfg post i might actually cry.
→ rainbow six seige, red dead redemption 2, minecraft, human fall flat, modern warfare, slime rancher, rogue company, gta v, cold war, fallout 76 (kinda??), imagine playing d2

my quote wall :D

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