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》The name is Justice
》Three ways to describe me:
▪︎Absolute Chimp.
▪︎Brain Dead.
▪︎A Bit of a Gamer.

》I play games for fun, not to cry when I lose 🙃

》Who is this man, and what does he do:
▪︎Couldn't tell ya.
▪︎Beats me.
▪︎Hontstly no idea.

》Some games in which I partake:
▪︎Rocket League
▪︎R6 Seige (Not good at all 🙃)
▪︎Anything that isn't fortnite 👍

》To anyone else who works night shift:
▪︎Do you also kinda feel like a gremlin?

》Dont be a stranger☆
》Friends are nice☆
》If you've stumbled on my page let me give you advice☆
》Right next to the follow, is an icon for text☆
》You should shoot me a message, you don't have to think twice ♡

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