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-Gender: Boy
-Age: 14
-Sexuality: Straight
-hobies: Gaming, Anime.

0,5. I apologize for everything I post when I'm hungry🤤
1. 🍂🍃 Falling for you 🍃🍂
2. 🖤Stressed, blessed, Monster energy opsessed💚
3. Relationship status: Netflix and food🥡
4. Looking at the world trough 🐢 colored glasses👓
5. I'm sweet like honey🍯
6. Dont study me. You won't graduate🎓
7. 🌟Sending my selfies to NASA cuase I'm a star🌟
8. Please cancel my subscribtion to your issues🚫
9. Used to think I was weird, but now im sure🤡
10. I shine from within so no one dim my light💡💔

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