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How come my Comcast email is not working?

Your slow internet connection is the most common cause of email inability on Comcast. To check your connection, try loading a random website. Restarting your modem and turning on and off your data connection may also fix the issue. Make sure that your device is not in aeroplane mode or using an unsupported browser. Also, make sure that your browser is up to date. Also, try clearing your browser cache.
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How to Block Emails in Gmail?

How to block an email address in Gmail is simple and effective. In Gmail, you can block a particular email address by creating a filter for it. Once the address has been blocked, the emails will no longer be received. To undo the process, you should open the corresponding message from the blocker, click on the More menu button, then select Label. Now, click on the name of the sender in the message list. From the menu, choose Block "Name" under Block this email address. You can also search for the sender's name in the whitelisting field.
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