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[Notice] 6.8 Update present Event! (5/09 CDT)

Greetings, Heirs!
We are here with the 6.8 Update present!
⏰[Event Schedule]
- 5/9 CDT, After MA ~ Until Next Update

🎁[​Event Reward]
- Login during the event period and get -> 5★ Summon Stone x3, Light/Dark ★3-5 Summon Stone x10, Artifact Summon Stone x5
- The events are based on the time of each server.
- Event reward will be sent into the mailbox once per account if Heirs log in during the event period. (Stored for 7 days)​​
Thank you!

[Notice] 6.8 Update present Event! (5/09 CDT)
HEIR OF LIGHT May 10, 2022, 04:32 PM
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[Notice] Boost Event !

Greetings, Heirs!
we've prepared a Boost Event !
[Event Schedule]
- Event period: After the opening of the jumping event ~ June 27, 23:59​​
​■ What Is Boost Event?
- During this event, you can complete missions and quickly boost
your Servant up to 9th/10th Transcend.
- You will receive a L/D 5★ Servant of your choice and Shards of the selected Servant.
- The rewards are divided into: Free Rewards and Royal Rewards.
Royal Rewards can be claimed after purchasing a [Royal Ticket].
- Royal Ticket can be purchased at the [Lobby] and [Packs] when your
Crusade Level is Lv. 11 or higher.
​​■ How to Participate
① Tap the [Select Servant] button to choose the L/D 5★ Servant you want!
② Tap the [Obtain Servant] button to obtain the Servant!
(Excluding [A] Ishmael and Bastille)
③ After that, complete missions from each tab and claim rewards needed to upgrade your Servant!
④ Everyone can receive Normal rewards while only those
who purchase a Royal Ticket can receive Royal rewards.
⑤ Unclaimed rewards will disappear automatically when the event ends,
so don't forget to claim them!
- Your Servant and mission rewards will be sent to your Mailbox once per account.
(Royal rewards are stored forever while Normal rewards will be kept for 7 days.)
- Royal Rewards can be received after purchasing a Royal Ticket.
- Royal Ticket can be purchased once per account when available.
- Unused items can be refunded within 7 days of the purchase.
Payment made by a minor without the consent of a legal guardian may be canceled.
- Refund is not available if you request it 7 days after the purchase,
or items have been partially used.
(* Includes all items received such as Royal rewards, Mileage, Payback points, etc.)
- Be sure to tap the button to claim rewards.
- Rate+ Summon counts as a single summon, even if you use the 2x Rate+ Summon.
- Unclaimed rewards are not recoverable after they expire.
Thank you!

[Notice] Boost Event !
HEIR OF LIGHT May 10, 2022, 04:27 PM
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Circus Invitation Drop Event Re-Opened

Greetings, Heirs.
Fixed an issue where items from drop events were not exchanged.
We openthe event again.
> Event Re-Opened Time: 5/9(Wed) 23:25 (CDT)
I will try to use the event more smoothly.

HEIR OF LIGHT May 10, 2022, 01:45 PM
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Circus Invitation Drop Event Temporary Closed

Greetings, Heirs.
We apologize to all the Heirs who were participating in the Circus Invitation Drop Event.
We apologize about inconvenience caused by the issue.
Please check the details below.
[Known Issue]
> Date: After 6.8 Update~
> Server: All Servers
> Issue: Can't exchage the event rewards.
Thank you, and again we apologize about the inconvenience.
We appreciate your understanding.

HEIR OF LIGHT May 10, 2022, 01:09 PM
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