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🚫No haters! Please there's enough of that🚫


I'm just an Xbox One gamer. I mostly play Halo. I also role play on almost every game I play. So yeah, if you're looking for someone to rp with hit me up on Xbox.
If you can't contact me here message me over Instagram! My username is Spartan_Riot268
I'm a 22 year old male.
•Nfs Heat
•Nfs Payback
•Gta 5
•Destiny 2
•Halo: The Master Chief Collection
•Halo 5: Guardians
•GR: Breakpoint
•GR: Wildlands
•Battlefield V (No DLC)
•Battlefield 1 (No DLC)
•Forza Horizon 4
•Forza Horizon 3
•Forza Horizon 2
•Forza Motorsport 6
•Forza Motorsport 5
•TC: The Division (No DLC)
•TC: The Division 2
•For Honor (No DLC)
•Doom 2016
•The Crew 2
IF you're interested in role playing just hit me up on Xbox live! Don't message me here because I rarely receive notifications here!!!

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