Level 31
100K/112K 127,375 5,433

Just a gamer, nothing special. I spend most my days on siege so don't expect to see me playing much else and I'm anti social as hell
Neat facts:
Taken by Millz0, follow her and tell her she's the best 💕💕
Favourite animal-sloth/pig
Favourite genre of music-metal
Hobbies-xbox, guitar and occasionally reading

Gaming stuff:
Main games-R6 (xbox), rogue company
Games I want to start playing-valorant, cs:go, pc siege, cod
I always try to be a team player and play for what the team needs
Can be either the biggest brain player you've seen or the biggest bot you'll see, there's no in between
Always willing to learn or help others learn


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  • Joined Moot February 21, 2018

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  • https://moot.us/@Shade_Dizzy


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