Level 17
5,708/6,200 2,760 1

First S rank after more than 400 try.

I mean those rates are awesome and all but I really wish those rates were the real one. It's still so hard to get As or even Bs ranks.

First S rank after more than 400 try.
DESTINY CHILD Nov 21, 2020, 11:51 PM
1 3

Chasing Caca...?

Hmmm... I know it's a Kor child right now but please please please Shift Up when you'll release her on Global don't call her Caca at least in french. Because Caca means Poo or Poop... it's really not a good name in my language!

Edit: Saying it's from a mythological story doesn't make her name better all I can see is poop and that's it!


Chasing Caca...?
DESTINY CHILD Sep 12, 2020, 03:14 AM
4 17

Well...this is gonna be rewarding!

Look what I got in the middle?!

Well...this is gonna be rewarding!
DESTINY CHILD Apr 14, 2020, 01:43 AM
0 4

Oh please...!

Please reduce the number of these things it's sooooo annoying!

25 is to much should be 15 to 17
15 should be 10
Rest is fine but please do something!

Oh please...!
DESTINY CHILD Feb 12, 2020, 05:55 PM
21 34

800€ for the mission pass

Wow what a great deal...!

Why those insane prices all the time for Global?!

DESTINY CHILD Oct 31, 2019, 07:51 PM
1 3

Oh no...!

It's annoying...!

Oh no...!
DESTINY CHILD Oct 10, 2019, 09:42 PM
3 2

Why the Re:birth Labyrinth is so bad on Global?

Why did you do that to the global version? The Re:birth lab is so bad in global compared to the Korean version I just don't understand how you can think it's a good idea!

On global we have to spend a lot more RE:birth coins for less rewards: 176 syntesis for global / 40 in korea
Rewards are really bad on Global...

We don't have crystals in the daily quests...

We have to pay huge amount of blood gems to buy S rank skins on Global but in Korea they are Free!

We have to pay 1900 crystals to reset a card but in Korea it's only 1000! We have to pay more crystals but you took out the crystals of the daily quests? Really?

Can you please rework this feature for global? It's really bad and annoying also are you going to add the blood gem summon? If yes why the hell do we also have to pay for the skins with our blood gems? You already overcharged whales for the freakin scam pass at 50€!

Why the Re:birth Labyrinth is so bad on Global?
DESTINY CHILD Oct 7, 2019, 12:31 AM
9 11

More than 1090€ to have all the new skins and missions/devil pass?

Are you for real?
46€ for the devil pass is already Expensive as hell but now we have to buy missions for the mission pass and 4 times the over expensives packages in the shop. What's wrong with you omg?
4 times a 90€ pack for 3 skins? Really?
3 packages at 46€ you have to buy 4 times each for just three skins? REALLY???!!!
Global is definetly the worst version in therms of friendly events and shop...
If you want all the new DOA skins + Devil missions + Devil pass you'll have to pay more than 1091€! And it's only for one event...? What the hell ? Your event cost more than my galaxy S10! Do you even realise that?
- Samsung Galaxy S10 : 909€
- Samsung Galaxy S10+ : 1 009€
- Iphone Xs MAX : 1078€
- Devil Pass : 45,99€
- A.I Missions : 41,57€
- Odin's Missions : 92.15€
= 179.71€
- Kasumi Skin : 45,99€ x 4 = 183.96€
- Marie Rose Skin : 45,99€ x 4 = 183.96€
- Honoka Skin : 45,99€ x 4 = 183.96€
= 551.88€ for x3 skins / x6 summon cards x10 3*-5* / x3 chances to get 0 to 3 DOA unit / x45 Blood gems / x3 5* tickets
- DOA Pack : 89.99€ x 4 = 359.96€ for x3 skins / x4 summon cards x10 3*-5* / x1 chance to get 0 to 6 DOA unit / x70 Blood gems
Shop + Events = 1091.55€

DESTINY CHILD May 31, 2019, 01:27 AM
2 25