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Who are you training/prepping for upcoming or possibly content?

Was curious as to who others are training or otherwise prepping for upcoming stuff; like the wood event coming up, or for things that may be coming sooner rather than later, based on like the rough timeline that (@Reika Mae, iirc posted.)
Or for those done training for this, who do you consider to be 'irreplaceable'/very useful/whatever for near future releases - out of 3-5*s

I've finished a lot of my 'main goals' in this regard so thought I'd see who others are working on in case I left out any, any that I could start training ahead of time.
Exit - I would also be interested in who you candidates consider to be 'necessary' overall- not just for up coming content, or but those you feel are 'required' overall for more 'general' purposes.
Thanks in advanced 👍

Tl;dr - What childs couldn't you do without - both for upcoming content, and for general usage.

DESTINY CHILD Dec 16, 2019, 09:23 PM
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Possible issue with displayed rates on Premium pool summons

Maybe I misunderstood something, but I believe the premium pool was already expanded by now (wasn't it supposed to happen on the 12th.) However if you open the premium pools rates info it still only shows the original premium pool childs.
I figured it would be corrected quickly if it really was a bug, and since it hasn't I'm leaning towards maybe me just misunderstanding something, but I wanted to try and clarify this either way- I've been waiting to use some summons until after the pool was expanded (iirc scheduled to happen on the maintenance of Dec 12th, 2019.)

DESTINY CHILD Dec 16, 2019, 04:50 PM
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Prepping for things to come- Pick my next evolution & LF Active friends!

Thought I'd do a bit of prepping for now, more for the long run, but also for the upcoming event as well :)

TLDR- Daily player since near the global release is looking for active players to add to friends :)
Also looking for votes on who to evolve next.

First of all - -
I'm looking for more active players to add to my friends list after some cleaning- but not a large number of slots left atm. There are a couple more who are in FL limbo to be removed if someone more active and worthy wants to add me.
About me - -
I've played since week 1, and I very rarely miss a day doing at least all the dailies - including sending friend tokens of course lol.
Up until this last week I think I missed maybe 2-4 days total since I first started playing; having said that, I missed a couple more this past week due to being hospitalized, and even that usually doesn't stop me from checking in.

As for my shared child(s) I usually switch it up like once a week or two, and they are usually 'higher tier' childs, with most at +5/6 uncaps. When applicable I often try to pick a child that may be useful in ongoing events, or in events where supporters don't help I usually either pick one related to said event or once just useful in general.

Before removing someone I generally wait at least a few days, like 5-8 if new and my list is full, before removal- and longer if they have a 'high' friend score.

DC ID: bqyc0gus6g5t
Username: Otakuman

Second, and lastly I wanted input on picking my next 5* evolution, but I'll add that to a seperate post to break up these walls some...

DESTINY CHILD Oct 29, 2019, 08:22 PM
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Anyone else get stuck after pvp?

It doesn't happen very often but every so often my game gets stuck after a pvp match. I don't think win/lose makes a difference but it happens after the screen clears, leaving the background, still moving, but before the match results show.
Nothing I do aside from closing and reopening the game seems to do anything.
Playing on an android phone.
Screencap of what exact screen I mean.

Anyone else get stuck after pvp?
DESTINY CHILD Sep 27, 2019, 08:19 AM
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Any good Plat pulls?

Anyone get any good plat chest pulls yet?
Just thought I'd ask, since I haven't seen as many threads about it as usual for an event.
Anyway, nothing impressive on my end so far, but thats not new for my plats sadly.

And its not good, but may be.... interesting-- 5 out of my last 6 plats gave me Aten so thats been... kinda annoying.

DESTINY CHILD Sep 21, 2019, 08:32 PM
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Anyone else want a reset confirmation prompt on underground?

Edit- I don't mean in the place BadMelody posted a screenshot of below-- but prior to this.

Not sure if it's just me, but I would love to have a confirmation prompt to accept or cancel the reset of the underground. Usually these can somewhat annoy me but they are good for spots like this. Its easy to accidentally hit the reset option and it triggers the reset, wether your in the first or last level. Meaning either just skipping that day or blowing crystals on 'fully resetting' it to play.

I imagine many people have probably not done this on accident, but I figured at least some here may have done this too. Its not the biggest issue but it's still a hassle and should be a pretty easy fix. Even if not a prompt, the reset button could be moved to a different menu I guess.

Maybe this changed somewhat recently, but I didn't want to waste an underground run just to double check.

Anyway just thought I'd see if this was something others would like to have- or to leave it as is. Any other better (and relatively simple) options for this? Or other places in game that could use a 'small tweak' like this?

DESTINY CHILD Sep 17, 2019, 03:13 PM
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Looking 4 New Active Friends

Well cleaned out my list some and seems a few more than normal haven't been active so I have more open friend slots than I've had in a while.

I generally play every day, at least doing dailies, sending coins, doing events. I share different 6* 60s at +4 at least- Maat, Eve, Leda, Syrinx, Jupiter, Siren, Madfet, etc.
Only have like 6 (maybe up to 8-10 if a few don't come back spon) open spots sadly, but figured this would be a good place to connect.

DESTINY CHILD Sep 7, 2019, 02:08 PM
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Pick my next child for evolution

Been waiting for a bit to evolve a child, figured I'd wait and see if I particularly wanted/needed one but I have yet to decide. Instead of waiting longer for no real reason, and to use up some mats, thought I'd post my options and see what you folks have to say. Sorry it's in multiple images, only have phone and my editor is being finicky atm :/

Mainly looking to pick someone useful long term or someone expected to be useful in the next few events (from what little we 'know'/assume.) But open to other reasons, if ya got one. Looked into various reasons/tier lists/etc. but haven't really had one stand out to me right now.

Pick my next child for evolution +8
DESTINY CHILD Sep 4, 2019, 11:49 AM
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Don't blow too much stam in ND by rushing

This may be obvious to some, but I hope it helps some. Edit:added tl;dr to bottom.

Just thought I'd mention this since I didn't notice it posted yet. For this narrative dungeon I would recommend not blowing a ton of stamina, at least not right away. Just doing the daily 8xplays nets you at least the 16k from the missions. If you just do those, you get a nice chunk, enough to clear a few boards fully, or more if you are lucky in getting slot 1 before clearing said board.
If you must clear the entire board it costs 72k (pretty sure, quick math in head from memory lol.)

This means that in the remaining days (10, not counting 'today' or the final day where u need to claim) just from daily narrative missions you'll get 160k, plus the amount actually dropped. If unlucky it might only clear 2 boards (144k) and a portion of a third. If lucky you may have more than you even need to finish each tier, especially if already done with a couple.

If you havent done any yet this may not be enough to get you through your goal, but if you've done dailies (and any extra) until now it should be a good chunk towards your goal-- again depending on rng some obviously.

If you want to clear all boards and get everything you may need more, but just these dailies should be a helping hand and help to save that stam for later.

Just wanted to mention it because I almost blew at least a few k more stamina than I would have otherwise needed not thinking about the daily bonuses adding up.

Either way, best of luck to everyone, on the grind and pulls :D

Edit:Tl;dr -
To clarify--not saying don't play it at all, just that if you do the bare minimum for dailies you will at least clear 2 more boards, even if you have to clear every slot on the board-- without doing a ton of extra stamina burning. This would also leave you with somewhere around 16k left, at least, (160k from dailies minus max of 144k for 2 boards) to use on remaining stuff.

If rushing to get all done you may clear it sooner, but with a higher stamina cost than necessary.

DESTINY CHILD Aug 4, 2019, 02:42 PM
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Share your daily free 10xSummons!

After a lucky pull I thought I'd see how the daily free 10x Premium Summon has been for everyone. Other than thlse 2 free 5*s, this summon also put me over the line for the 'summon bonus' - for the free 5* tix reward. Haven't gotten a chance to use it yet-- but other than another Siren I'll be happy with most any of the possibilities.
Anyone else having good luck and/or 'interesting' summons?
Anyway, good luck to everyone in your pulls- hope we see lots of great pulls.

Share your daily free 10xSummons!
DESTINY CHILD Jul 21, 2019, 01:39 PM
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Your child/item storage limit

Just thought I'd ask and see what others have done:
How much item storage space do you have?
How many child 'slots' do you have?

Is it enough or do you need to 'clean' very often?
Are you glad you increased either that much?
Plan to increase either anytime soon?

I can't double check exact number atm, but I'm F2P and my current child limit is 200 and item limit is 140. I could use some more--I would like to be able to go longer before needing cleaning, but at the current cost it may be a while before I increase either again. And I think it has been worth it for me - other than less cleaning I can keep more that I would otherwise be forced to give up.

DESTINY CHILD Jul 20, 2019, 08:21 PM
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Anyone else kinda screwed over from the last events timer mistake?

So I wanted to see if/how this little difference impacted some other active players. They gave us 2k crystals as an apology, which is far better than no apology, but at least for me, far from what the timer difference cost me.

I know I'm not blameless, I should have manually checked the listed maint time, changed to my local timezone and been sure, but I also don't think I was alone in thinking the shown event end timer would have been correct.

I have much more to add/discuss about this but I should whittle that wall o' text down some. Anyway, anyone else end up kinda shafted over this, or previous similar things?
Do you think their apology was a fair compensation? Etc.

I'll post the text wall (if I can, abridged lol) next time I get a chance but I hope this sparks some discussion in the meantime.

DESTINY CHILD Jul 13, 2019, 05:02 PM
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Whom shall I evolve next?

Thought I'd ask here, who do you think I should evolve to 6* next, from those shown?
Already done many/all of my higher priorities, so thought I'd get the communities opinions on it for this time.

Probably won't be in time to make much difference this WB, but who would you pick to prep for future content, etc?

Whom shall I evolve next? +2
DESTINY CHILD Jul 12, 2019, 02:04 PM
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Do you think Horus is worth it?

Just thought I'd get some opinions on this.
Do you think Horus (last one, so already have one or more copies) is worth the 250k ragna coins? If not it's probably 2.5m gold (if rate is same as before) in exchange. Other than that I could still claim plat chests/summon tix or some combination of these.

DESTINY CHILD Jun 6, 2019, 07:50 AM
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Lucky this banner period

Well it took a few tries but finally got Werewolf... And then some.
First five pulls gave 3 misc. 5s and Frej, whom I needed, so wasn't doing bad. Round 6 gave me what is probably my best roll yet- and probably won't be topped, for at least a good while.

Lucky this banner period
DESTINY CHILD May 22, 2019, 06:37 PM
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