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Hi Everyone, Destiny Child has been a lot of fun. But, it is now more of a time commitment than I can give. Due to some real-life events, the amount of free time I have to play this game has gone down significantly.
I started playing for the... assets, and stayed for the gameplay. While the artwork is stunning, especially if you take some time to change things up, the battle system; PVP, Ragna, and WB systems were the real staying power that kept me going.
I am not leaving because of any new updates/news from the game or because of any of the community members. If anything, they were some of the main reasons I stayed as long as I have; I loved theory-crafting on discord and discussing strategies with everyone on Moot (even if it was holding up a pitchfork alongside everyone else). I just can't give this game the attention it deserves.
Best of luck to everyone in this Ragna event, I hope you all continue to enjoy this wonderful game, and thank you for making this experience amazing.

DESTINY CHILD May 18, 2019, 08:45 PM
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PSA: For people that are trying out JP/KR

Don't forget to log-in to global at least for the next few days; the new event gives you 210,000 onyx and 2,000 crystals just for logging in. (also some stamina and gold too)
Then you can go back to not being able to read the UI =)

PSA: For people that are trying out JP/KR
DESTINY CHILD May 2, 2019, 09:37 PM
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Unpopular Opinion: Ignore the Banner(s)

Background: Free to Play, having spent no IRL money, started playing half way through Ragna Season 0, min-maxer, non-collector.
I have been playing this game for a decent amount of time. Every time someone complains about an event being different from the other counterparts (KR/JP), I am always quick to defend the generosity of daily crystal farming and the overall higher rate of 5* compared to the other versions. That being said, this upcoming banner (if it is split) is terrible.
From a player perspective, we feel betrayed. Even accounting for the increased premium currency income, this does not offset the abysmal rates of getting the new Childs.
From a business perspective, this is financially unfeasible as well. What makes freemium a possible business model, is customer equity (players staying in the game). With events like this one turning players away, DC not only loses out on players spending on this banner, but also on all future purchases those players may have made. DC, like any company, is metrics driven. If players do not pull on these banner(s) and do not spend IRL money during the time this banner is out, it will show up in their analytics. These analytics "should" drive future content. (source: I have an MBA).
All that being said, this event is pretty lackluster from my personal viewpoint. The characters available through the banner are relatively low tier, with better alternatives available in the standard lineup. Additionally, they do not match the games general aesthetic and art style. From the min-maxer, non-collector, side of things, my advice would be to just ignore this banner. Save your crystals for better tiered, more efficient childs, and carry-on. This content is entirely optional, and personally, I appreciate having a narrative to work on between Ragna's and World Bosses.
TLDR; Ignore The Banner; Childs are subpar, not spending teaches DC to make better banners

DESTINY CHILD Apr 24, 2019, 10:29 PM
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Fire World Boss Team Guide

Looks like the speculators were right, Fire WB is confirmed, so here is a general team composition guide with Child's we actually have available:
Credit: Ark & Deug
Source: Discord
TLDR; Same as previous team, but don't use Wood Childs (Syrinx) and swap the light attackers for water ones.

Fire World Boss Team Guide
DESTINY CHILD Apr 10, 2019, 10:03 PM
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WB Confirmed

Saw this on Discord, made me laugh, thought I'd share it here:
Happy Friday, Everyone

WB Confirmed
DESTINY CHILD Apr 5, 2019, 11:43 PM
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Team Comp for Fire World Boss

Until we receive official notice, there is no way of knowing what the next WB will be. That being said, signs are pointing towards a Fire WB (ie current banners and narrative). IF that is the case, here are some team compositions pulled from the JP version:
Please note that the Google translation is terrible and that there are some Childs not yet available to us.
Source: https://altema.jp/destinychild/maoudavi

Team Comp for Fire World Boss +1
DESTINY CHILD Apr 4, 2019, 09:58 PM
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Stamina Daily Use vs Stockpiling

Since we now have another consistent source of stamina in Labyrinth Missions, I re-did the calculations to determine if it's worth saving your stamina during weekdays for weekend Hot Times.
Please note that this is only in terms of experience, as Hot Time does not increase the number of drops you get. If you are looking for 2* fodder, equipment, or evolution materials, it is always better to use your stamina throughout the week. You will get more stage runs, resulting in more drop opportunities.
For the left 2 tables, assuming you are able to play through Expert Underground and can run Labyrinth 5 times every day, it is better to use up your stamina each day and allow it to regenerate. This nets you 288 more stamina every day.
This, however, does not account for the multitude of other stamina sources available, namely through the IRL cash shop, Devil Pass, and general events. In the right 2 tables, if you are able to get at least 300 more stamina throughout the week, regardless of source, it is still more efficient to use up your stamina daily and let it naturally regenerate.
This also has the added benefit of letting you do more runs overall, meaning more loot and/or fodder.
TLDR; Use your stamina during the week if you want to be efficient. Play however you want, to not burn out.

Stamina Daily Use vs Stockpiling
DESTINY CHILD Mar 30, 2019, 04:31 AM
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Re:birth Labyrinth Info

Since the patch notes haven't been really clear on what to expect, here is a little more detail for those that are curious:
What is Re:birth Labyrinth?
Rebirth labyrinth will be a permanent new PvE mode where you can win Child costumes and other various rewards. There will be dungeons going from levels 1 to 5, with level 5 being the hardest. Each level has a base difficulty level, along with higher difficulties at +1, +2, and +3. As you clear each difficulty, the next difficulty will be unlocked. After clearing all the level's difficulty, the next level will be unlocked. The dungeon entry will be limited to 5 per day, which will be refilled at daily reset. New daily missions will be added related to Rebirth labyrinth as well.
After clearing a dungeon level, you will receive Rebirth Coins, with higher levels and difficulties rewarding more coins. This can be used to roll on a board filled with various items such as onyx, gold, equipment, stamina, blood gems, tickets, exp slims, childs, and costumes. Each item will have a maximum limit of the number of times you may receive the reward. Once you have reached that number, the item will be marked complete and removed from the reward pool in that board.
The lower tier rewards will have 4 items with 25 maximum each. Above that will be 4 items with 15 maximum. The rarer tier will have 4 items with 3 maximum each, while the rarest will only have 4 different items with 1 maximum each.
How do I reset the board rewards?
There are three ways to reset the board:
1. Complete all the rewards on the board (176 total rolls required)
2. Reset with crystals
3. Lab reroll ticket
Direct quote from Discord: Credit ChaoIZ | Syrinx Magnet

DESTINY CHILD Mar 13, 2019, 11:59 PM
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Live2D Viewer

Disclaimer: Not sure if this is allowed, admins please remove if not.
I was browsing through reddit and found this site that allows you to view the Live2D motion of all the Childs, even ones not yet released in Global.
I gotta say, the art is incredible.
Providing here, in case anyone needs something to look forward to.
Credits to Loki and Arsylk.

Live2D Viewer
DESTINY CHILD Mar 9, 2019, 05:16 AM
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Comprehensive World Boss Guide

Last week I posted an image of recommended teams, which is garbage compared to this masterpiece:
From Discord, credit to Ark, posted for visibility.

DESTINY CHILD Mar 3, 2019, 11:06 PM
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PSA: Lucky Boxes are 94% NOT Maat

Seen a few posts concerning the pull rate. Unless you want 5* tickets, I would recommend not buying this package.

PSA: Lucky Boxes are 94% NOT Maat
DESTINY CHILD Mar 1, 2019, 05:14 AM
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Narrative Resets

So it looks like this narrative dungeon is very similar to the Snow Miku one, with a chance to use gems to reset and a chance of getting 5* at stage 8 hard mode. Curious what everyone's doing this time around, especially with a decent banner coming right around the corner

DESTINY CHILD Feb 28, 2019, 09:06 PM
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Everyone Ready for World Boss?

Looking at the Japan timeline against ours https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1xPxsbOHhTqSMFo9JL39UvbTMzeMsFCjPTWJp3oDE8UU/edit?usp=sharing (Huge props to Kharl and Reika) World Boss is coming up soon(TM). I'm curious how many of us have actually started preparing for WB.

DESTINY CHILD Feb 26, 2019, 10:48 PM
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Leveling Childs

I recently ran into the issue of not being able to run 6-8 or 6-1 with my full untrained team during Hot Time. Though less efficient (but with more 2* drops), I had to run 4-6. This led me to think, would it be more efficient to run 6-1 or 6-8 using a maxed child (effectively only training 4 childs instead of 5) or 4-6 using all training childs?
Given the following info:
"4-6" : 8.4 * 5 = 40.5
"6-1" : 9.3 * 4 = 37.2
"6-8" : 10.3 * 4 = 41.2
From these basic calculations, I was able to draw the following conclusions. If you can run 6-8 with a fully untrained team, it is the most efficient. If you can run 6-8 with one maxed child, it is still more efficient than running 4-6 or 6-1. If you cannot do either, run 4-6; it is generally easier, can be done with a full untrained team, and gives more 2* than you can use.
TLDR; 6-8 untrained team > 6-8 with 1 maxed child > 4-6 untrained team

Leveling Childs
DESTINY CHILD Feb 25, 2019, 11:54 PM
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World Boss Prep

Looks like World Boss will most likely be coming next (in March). This info comes from http://destiny-child-blog.line.me/update.html?p=13 assuming that Global follows the JP timeline. As such, I am re-posting this "guide" for all the people that use Moot as their primary source of info. Best of luck, everyone!

World Boss Prep
DESTINY CHILD Feb 21, 2019, 02:02 AM
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How Good Are the Ragna Childs?

Hi Everyone, with Ragna well underway, I am sure many of us are getting some of the new Childs. So, I wanted to know what everyone's thoughts are on their viability post-Ragna. Honestly, most of them seem rather lack-luster.
Scores from https://destinychildendb.altervista.org/global.php for reference.
Is anyone planning on using any of these for future content or is everyone collecting them for the *cough* assets *cough*

How Good Are the Ragna Childs?
DESTINY CHILD Feb 19, 2019, 11:11 PM
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Last Ragna:Break Shop

With the change of platinum chest price and the availability of Morgan and skin, it looks like we have a few options. What is everyone doing once they get to the last Ragna Shop?

DESTINY CHILD Feb 18, 2019, 11:15 PM
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Eve+2 vs Frey+3 for PVP

Hi everyone, just looking for some quick PVP advise. Been using Frey since launch, but just recently got Eve to 6*. Which would you recommend for PVP in general?
Current team: Frey - Syrinx - ChangE - Olga - Dana

DESTINY CHILD Feb 14, 2019, 11:19 PM
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Optimal Ragna Team

Already posted on Discord and probably Reddit, figured it might help for those that use Moot exclusively:

Optimal Ragna Team
DESTINY CHILD Feb 14, 2019, 11:07 PM
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PSA: Save Your Blood Gems

Save your Blood Gems for House of Resurrection (HoR) / Synth room that will be added later down the road.
In KR, this is a Child exchange that requires Blood Gems. You toss a bunch of Childs you do not want for a chance to get a 5* you do want.
For us on Global, having very limited options in the Scarlet Market and on the blood gem summon, it is far better value to save the Gems for this future feature.

DESTINY CHILD Feb 13, 2019, 12:41 AM
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Best Leveling Areas

With everyone getting new Childs from the banner and the Ragna being announced, I figured it would be a good time to remind people of the best leveling locations.
If you want to calculate how many runs you will need to max out a child, you can use this link:
(Though personally, I just leave DC on overnight during Hot Times)

Best Leveling Areas
DESTINY CHILD Feb 9, 2019, 12:05 AM
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Dana vs Mars / Elysion vs Eve

Hi guys, now that Ragna had officially been announced, I'm looking to optimize my team. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

Dana vs Mars / Elysion vs Eve
DESTINY CHILD Feb 8, 2019, 10:05 PM
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PVP Team Advice

My current PVP team is below, but I am considering changing it up with Olga and Elysion (6*), thoughts?

PVP Team Advice +2
DESTINY CHILD Feb 7, 2019, 12:57 AM
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Stamina Usage

Is it better to use all your stamina during the week (non-Hot Time) and allow for natural regeneration (below stamina cap) OR save all stamina during the week (minus mission requirements) to be used during Hot Time weekends?
Using Stamina during the week allows for more gear/child drops, which result in better +gear and more onyx. But, this means less Stamina to use during Hot Time and less efficient leveling of childs. A side nuisance, is that you need to not accept quests/mails until Hot Time to be most efficient.
Hoarding Stamina during the week means getting less gear/childs as you complete less missions due to no natural regeneration of stamina. This, however means more efficient child leveling during Hot Time as you can auto overnight.
I am curious what everyone's opinions are on this topic.

DESTINY CHILD Jan 23, 2019, 11:52 PM
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