Level 23
22K/27K 37,209 1,221

Adventure of Eve

I've selected each status upgrade upon leveling.

I've tried going heavy on the potions.

Tried crafting better weapons.

Tried balancing the above, with lucky leveling options.

It comes to a point where I'll be low on health and coins and potions. It'll then be best to run away, but I need the kills for health. Grabbing chests and running doesn't work for long, or at all.

We can't go back and kill weaker monsters for exp. ( Is there a trick to this ? )

I suspect not every new start can be a winner. But it seems most fresh starts face an early imminent death.

I don't know how to beat this game. I think I've tried everything. By the few times I make it to the Abaddon boss fight, my Eve gets gang banged.

What am I not doing ?

DESTINY CHILD Aug 7, 2022, 01:37 PM
1 5

If good luck is numbered

Then I'd have 1 less lucky strike this lifetime.

Welcome players and haters, I've come to boast !
I got all 5 of these packs, hoping to score some core materials, cause it'd surely be more likely we'd get one of the 4 core material packs in the list.

The 3rd one I opened landed me Pack 1, while one other gave me 198 def cores.

It could have been so much worse, I'll cope.

That is all.

*Resists smiling and quickly walks toward exit*

If good luck is numbered +1
DESTINY CHILD Jan 8, 2022, 10:09 AM
5 10

Difficulty Spawning Raids

Is it just me and really bad luck or is this actually happening ? Maybe I failed to read the updates fully.

- Completed the raid story

- 10 battles on hardest story mode

- 10 battles on easiest story mode

0 raids.

Playing on Android. Global version for now for VISA but I'm going back to tap tap after this.

I'm asking with a measly 28 battles total cause last time nearly every other battle was a raid, and the odds aren't the same.

Another thing, My stamina is low and I buy things, a grand here and there, but I swear, the day I have to buy Stamina just to play is when you'll have to choke me out and cancel me in these pages.

DESTINY CHILD Nov 25, 2021, 10:13 PM
3 8

Some Ragna 21 Feedback

This is not a rant. Just some feedback from a customer who is usually delighted with DC.

The team finds new ways to play and beat a raid. Unfortunately this raid isn't as fun cause we like to see big red numbers with that lashing sound effect, and there's none of that going on.

On the business side of things, I wouldn't say Shiftup was extra greedy when it came to regulars, as it isn't necessary for us to raise Titania or collect the new carta to score a 1 shot. It's but a choice for the most enthusiastic of players, which of course makes them even more powerful. That being said the health and wealth of Shiftup is in all of our best interests. We play your game, it's what we do here.

For players who were itching to use their ignited Bridal Hildr, this raid boss certainly brings them sadness. Maybe next time, next year, she'll once again prove to be the strongest raid unit.

Everyone has their favorite raid battles, but this one will go down as the least favorite across the board. Easy.

It would be better if the boss's ability to block critical and focus attacks was a part of the bosses tap or slide skill. As her leaderbuff it really tones down the enjoyment.

I did 4 raid battles yesterday manually of course and I almost fell asleep sliding away seeing If I'll get a one shot again, while in here we see some members in agony over the nature of this battle.

Devs. Game Director. Mr. Kim. If you increase the bosses HP and bring back the critical lashings the players will rejoyce and thank you. If not that's okay, can't always make everyone happy and it's probably too late to tweak the battle, but I'd advise against making a raid boss do this again cause people craft and grind and pay and invest in a unit like B. Hildr or even Titania, so they can score the glorious big red numbers.

DESTINY CHILD Oct 30, 2021, 02:51 PM
2 6

Lupin Skill Queue Against Cacus Method

Granted there's more than 3 attackers in the party, this will get them all buffed sooner than later.
Lupin won't buff just anyone with highest ATK stats, she'll buff attackers regardless. That's a big difference.

If there's more than 3 attackers, who she buffs will be a roll of the dice, so it seems. I've yet to notice her fail to get the 4th attacker, and I no longer have to wait till half the battle is over to see all 4 attackers dropping mad crit attacks.

Before I'd have Lupin slide on her 5th play then that's when all 4 attackers will get her sweet critical buff. By her 8th play it's possible 1 of the attackers would lose the buff and won't get it back until her 12th play.

So back to back swipes would account for more damage in the given time I reckon.

The best I've ever done.

Lupin Skill Queue Against Cacus Method +1
DESTINY CHILD Oct 9, 2021, 12:41 PM
3 5


By the time I got Casia to +5 without ignition, she started outperforming Virupa. I then ignited Cacia to lv. 5.

From what I gathered "a turn" is based off of everyone in the party doing an auto attack. Cacia's tap skill is good for 3 turns which is very long.

On top of that, the attackers are all moving very fast.

Lv 60 +5 is enough. In my case Cacia at times can get 2nd place after Mafdet.
There are all these variables that determine damage output. When it comes to Cacia she seems to get stupid strong around half the battle.

Even at just +5 no ignition she can potentially hit this hard with all the buffs and debuffs in place, if not very close to it.

It should be obvious that Cacia will be useful in future fire World Bosses, and for that reason she's a keeper. When we raise her cap she becomes more than just a booster unit. When fully ignited, I wonder if she'll outperform Mafdet in WB.

The title of this thread and the above text is sound, but it's also an excuse for me to show you something you don't care about and If you're reading this it's already too late, now behold !!! An updated flex !!!

Cacia +4
DESTINY CHILD Oct 7, 2021, 01:58 PM
2 7

Igniting Units ( Update 1 )

I'm planning on performing a massive upgrade. But I'd like to insert the cores stratigically. I'd like to be stronger Gatsu. Though that's probably not going to happen this season considering my gear isn't that good in comparison.

It's going to be the regulars first, those wood units. Maybe complete Werewolf and L. Sytry before moving onto the next.

My concern: Which one of these regular units is near the end of their lifespan ? It would be such a waste to ignite say Bathory, then after a few months she get's replaced by someone better.

Where's Juno you say ?

He's around. I still don't know who to replace, lot's of thinking going on here. Virupa probably but I'm not ready to cut her loose just yet as she's my bronze medal in this arrangement.

Athena's there just tapping away, not sure how effective she really is tbh. I only put her there by example.

Midas, like last water WB, isn't playing. If I ignited him I'd probably stuff him in there while the hotshots won't bother using him. I'd like to avoid things like that.

My current high score is 8M more than my first boss kill which was a lucky round since my average is 80-90ish million.

For $124 loonies I just created 4 more cores. Of this lot, NINE of them are triple stat cores I don't really want to fodder off. NINE !
If I grind for awhile I'll squeeze out 2 more cores from those materials.

It'll be nearly $300 USD for each unit I decide to ignite. Maybe I'll just do 3 of them for now. Or maybe, I'll fodder away those triple stat cores cause the cost of increasing my power is even more ridiculous. Especially while I'm not even too motivated to make top 100. However I do like to see big numbers since I play this game every day.

Update 1

2 doses of the good stuff

Davi to level 5 ignition. I was compelled to give her a nice def core too.

At the moment I'm dissatisfied with this ignition, I really don't see any difference in damage output.

I reckon there's a problem with Mafdet's ignition. It'll need to be overridded.

Attack core with ATK/CRT/CRT is one of the better cores I have laying around.

Igniting Units ( Update 1 ) +5
DESTINY CHILD Oct 1, 2021, 04:18 PM
4 16

Surprise Restoration Briefing

You never saw this coming did you ?
I nearly gave up all my cores to Ayane, but then Kharl showed me this trick, which is the subject of this episode. As usual this presentation caters to those who struggle.
This Mech Commander isn't a good example cause it lacks amp AGL.
For those of you who are newer to the game, Mech Commander is a 3* unit. We only use his tap.
One benefit to using Mech Commander, it's very cheap to ignite, so if you're struggling to get a 1 shot and you're able to build one of these, you'll save a bundle. If you already have one ready and you're struggling. It's possible with this party set up.
- A note about this weapon: I'm showing you the 3rd option and it's all this type of attacker needs to survive the boss's reflect.
- If you can get your Mech commander to hit as hard as mine, then you can do it, however in my case Mech commander isn't at it's best and I do fail to 1 shot most of the time. Sometimes the boss is left with as much as 40% health.
- Manual play. Allows us to save time by reacting faster. I played as fast as I can on x2 and in the video we see the clock fall to 0 at the end of the battle. If your Mech commander is more powerful than mine, you'll obviously be able to 1 shot more than I do.
- We have an opportunity to make the best cores this event, it would be ashamed to use a triple stat core right now on a unit we won't use for quite awhile. With that in mind, this party isn't just a financial strategy, but also a play for the future, as the next few ignitions will all be very good ones, and in the end we can walk away with the same prizes which is no different than if we used Ayane. Unless you're going for top 100, which you aren't.

Surprise Restoration Briefing +3
DESTINY CHILD Sep 11, 2021, 10:56 PM
1 0

Restoration Raid

I think the last time we had a water raid, it was that time we had to ignite Mech Commander to defeat the boss.
I seriously cannot remember why it had to be Mech Commander and not Annie, maybe that boss would stun a lot or something.
Now another water raid is upon us in 2 weeks from today, and though I checked out this Restoration Raid online and saw Annie being used against the boss in KR version, I'm curious and my question to you is...
Do you think Annie will be the best attacker for this boss ?
Probably yes, but it's best to hold the ignition cores ( hold on I need to say something, Haters lick my foot ) until further notice.

DESTINY CHILD Aug 27, 2021, 05:30 AM
8 7

Kalaratri Raid with Duel Attackers

Yes. It's the big no no. Or it used to be. 2 attackers in a raid. Few of you done this successfully last raid with Artemis and Ophois. Perhaps this could be more of a normal thing. Which is ideal for players like me who doesn't care about being in the top ranks and paying loads of money while botting my way to victory all day long.
^ This is a real battle, not a slaughter fest, but rather an epic struggle to make it. Not that I think the boss can kill me, she really can't, but rather there is still an element of luck in breaking 11M DMG this way. On top of playing outside the box, I'm glad I never had to spend $60-$114 CAD to finish Virupa while making more crappy cores.
I was catching my ass with cores. Never had enough of them, plus I do have a few cores I'd rather not use a fodder, though they are crap it still makes the situation worse, they are the best cores I have for days like this.
( Quite literally, crafting a good core will shock us )
My ace deck.
Eve is the 2nd attacker, even though she's still superior to my Virupa, she gets to do fevertime too. My Eve is PvP focused and I'm satisfied with how she is even though she has no amplified agility.
I ignited Virupa to level 7. Low AGL at this level with this ATK core, it's fine for now.
When it comes to bosses, this is the best weapon the game has to offer to date. It has all the attack power of the Q. Flask, with AGL, instead of increased odds of critical. ( I don't see any point in increasing the odds of critical while Lupin is around, as the odds of scoring crits will be very high even if the attacker went into battle naked. AGL is sweeter in this case )
Not the best stats. Eve's Mic is better I should have taken a shot of that one instead. No matter.
In order to hack it like this, we need to play manually. Critical thinking is necessary or else the auto could start a fever attack while the attackers are both stunned.
The drill for my playstyle is as follows.
- Tap with Virupa at all times
- Swipe with Lupin, and if I remember I'll tap her twice. Keeping track of how many taps she did manually is a pain while anticipating other things, but it works out.
- Swipe with Eve, but, if she doesn't get the red lightning when she's fully charged, then tap her.
- watch bosses fever gauge, and check her jugs every now and then.
- Swipe with Leo and Nirrti.

Kalaratri Raid with Duel Attackers +4
DESTINY CHILD Aug 14, 2021, 02:56 PM
3 2

Lucky Box

The tickets are flashy and it's why some get these Lucky boxes. The odds of getting a ticket at all is really bad.

" I got them for the bloodgems." My Clotho will be +6 tomorrow when I clear devil pass. So I did this all for my Zephyros +1 in 4☆ HoR.

Zephyros has the ability to ignore reflect which is a nice thing for an attacker to have these days. I'm expecting to see tank parties with Ymir, Clotho, Athena, Dana and Maat or some crazy attacker on the side. In any case I want Zephyros for whenever I have to deal with reflect.
The Jackpot. This being the 2nd time I ever got it. Other than that it never happens.
Yes. Just for the bloodgems.

By the time I got the 5th attacker lucky box, i then got the complimentary consecutive purchase box, and though these consecutive boxes are the same, before I opened this one I had a strong feeling it was about to give it up.

With that in mind, if I decide to waste more money I'm better off picking up the defender lucky box since I'll be closer to getting another consecutive purchase box as it's 18/20

If you do this make it about the bloodgems, OR ELSE, it'll be a really bad deal. This was good luck.

Lucky Box +10
DESTINY CHILD Aug 1, 2021, 03:46 PM
3 13

Endless Duel Skit

Complete with art and footage I stole from Shiftup.

Endless Duel Skit
DESTINY CHILD Jul 29, 2021, 07:12 PM
3 0

A Priority List for Newcomers (( Updated ))

For newer players who want to get up to speed when it comes to decision making, efficiency and killing raids and WB sooner than later.
Notice in the image some units have a red or yellow circle around them
- RED CIRCLE = absolutely DO NOT prioritize. Instant fodder.
- YELLOW CIRCLE = Second class citizens, Once great but not too shabby at this stage in the game. Unused by the best of the best. Some of these yellow circled units are more than okay PvP and ignition units so study them to know if they are right for you before consuming them. Also, there are maybe 2 or 3 yellow circles simply because I did not know, I just don't use them and I never seen them around in Devil Rumble.
- NO CIRCLE = 100% keeper.
^ Draw a red circle around Horus
I never bothered pointing out which ones are the WB regulars or which ones are rare use cases, however, you're not going to want to burn away the rare use cases anyway.
I also ignored the collaboration units, as they aren't going to stand in your way.
"But Toeknee ? I thought you'd have everyone to +6 after all of this time ?"
"I have their final copy on the backburner for a whole heap of them"
My excuse is practical in practice.
Feel free to discuss who ought to stay or go, and why. This chart is intended to serve as a crutch, as it's better to understand why you're not advised to prioritizes the circled units.
On your way up, do not use your ignition cores. One day you'll do better in a raid except the boss will yet again slap you across the face. Then, you'll have an easier time knowing if you should ignite. If it doesn't work out that'll be fine
HoR = Load up this place with your priority units. It's also why you're not using any ignition cores for awhile. HoR and Core creation really step on one another's toes, as the 5* fodder gets used up quickly with this.
4* Ignition.
Twelve 4* Units
33 Blood Gems
12,000 Onyx
Nearly 1 in 3 chance to succeed. Sometimes you'll get nothing at all while your blood gems all vanish in vain. You only need to win it once for every 99 blood gems used for it to be worth it. Of course you can increase it to 50% success rate by increasing the amount of units you use, but that'll come at an even greater expense with the gems.
500 crystals per day....
- Save up to twenty five 2* units
- Send all 25 of them on an exploration for 19 hours
When done they will give you a total amount of 500 crystals to your inbox with a little bit of gold.
Then scrap the 2* units.
UPDATE: M00N choked me out in the comments section forcing me to include the 10% approach of 4☆ HoR.
I retrieved a fantastic example of a 4☆ reincarnation session.
Things to make note of about video. ( Video appears at the bottom of the post )
- It's during a milage event so the fails will stack at a faster pace
- He starts with 654 blood gems
- By the time the user burned half of the gems around the 7 minute mark, he/she had 1 successful pull and was able to cash in milage twice. Personally that's why I increase to 27%
- After burning half of the gems, the player's luck got super freaky and he ended up walking away with 11 or 12 units.
When I do a 10% mileage burn I hope to have such luck, but that being said, it'll be up to you however you decide to manage your spending.
I think it's fair to say, If you want to save 300-600 blood gems more or less, it may or may not turn out good or bad.

A Priority List for Newcomers (( Updated )) +3
DESTINY CHILD Jul 11, 2021, 03:27 PM
5 46

Create Core

I'm speculating if it's best to use certain units to make a more desirable core.

For instance, I made an AGL core that got amplified ATK AGL CRT and with that I used a copy of Slashing Tiamat who is a fire attacker.

I cannot confirm or deny the outcome succeeded like that because I used such a unit to make it.

Perhapse an ATK core is prone to turning out better with a unit that has high ATK and the same goes for other cores and which units present higher stats in that field.

It would make for a better game mechanic while the idea is so simple, it must have at least crossed the minds of the developers when they implemented the ignition system.

Then again it might not matter which units we used to get the good result.

If you by any chance can recall which unit you used to make your most excellent cores, then feel free to share.


I'll do one right now....

ATK core creation

I'll use either Siren or Bari, though I'd rather not use a stronger fire attacker since the ATK cores are red.

The result

Not bad compared to most results. It could be a coincidence.

I'll use the other attacker Bari



Need more data. Is it simply luck or is there something more to it ? Siren is more competent than Bari and even had leading roles in the past.

I question if some units increase the odds of better quality cores.

Was looking at the core creation graphics and I noticed it has these dials moving slowly like a Rolex. It it purely for asthetics or might it matter what the dial is pointing at for the outcome ?

Create Core +3
DESTINY CHILD Jul 5, 2021, 03:29 PM
12 45

Destroying Spammers II

Last episode I've wrote the company behind 7r6 and provided evidence of some contractor spamming Moot, which is in violation of their terms of service as it disrupts the integrity of their business.
Though I haven't heard back from from URL Short ( 7r6 ), and despite how long it took for the 7r6 spam links to cease, it certainly has been awhile since we had a 7r6 link spammed to us. Today the spammer is resorting to spamming alternative sites that pay contractors to get clicks.
Did a search on gestyy and found it is linked to a company called "Shorte" or "shorte.st"
They too have terms of use let's make it brief.
I especially like number 12 in that list.
Next one is Oki . io
"By using the site's service you agree not to"
I'm aware they haven't spammed these links all that much as of yet in here in particular but probably all the other forums in Moot have it, so for these I'll include a history with these auto generated accounts terrorizing our mods.
( As usual, a brief message to my haters who I enjoy addressing <3
Sure they can come back with another contractor service or come back with the same one using the identity of their friends or family while expecting their friend or family member to give or share the money sent to their bank accou.... You know what ? Just shut up )

Destroying Spammers II +2
DESTINY CHILD Jul 3, 2021, 07:52 AM
3 0

Awesome ! Last of Us Man ! ( Video Update )

In my case this party
Cannot oneshot Arhat. Crazy right ?
( I'm aware Semele and Saturn's SC isn't supplying them any special options )
Party does 7-9 million damage. ( something like 9M once or twice so far )
Radient Mona costed $70 to ignite her thus far. The attacker is roughly the same, so no more cores for her now.
What I want is for Hildr to put out more damage but that's not going to happen if I ingite Mona any further, and it's not going to happen if Semele or Saturn gets ignited. (Or am I missing something ?)
I moved crafting stats around for this weapon and the accessory complements the weapon in the ATK department.
I assume these must be enough to do the deed, but not enough as I am.
With the above out of the way, I've realized my Hildr's ignition might be too weak. When I did ignite her I never had a big selection of cores so I pretty much settled for what I had.
I do have this now, saving it for some crazy ass attacker,
but I wonder what would this agility core do if it were the crown on Hildr's ignition page ?
I really don't know, maybe I'll get an additional 100 amplified agility and 400 CRT. The CRT i don't think is important when Lupin is around, and also not that good for Sniper Hildr in particular since she can cast focus on herself with a tap in PvP
So with that in mind it doesn't seem like a good idea to overhaul Hildr's ignition. ( that wouldn't be nice, financially anyway)
There's this thing about Arhat if you play manually for the faster paced action, she'll make you say "fucking cunt" once per battle as she petrifies the attacker for the final fevertime, it doesn't seem like it's there nor can I see it while Hildr is loaded with buffs, it's just denial once that 3rd drive skill ends.
If you took the liberty to see the last episode of Cornballs you'll see S. Hildr doing something like 120,000-150,000 damage per hit and close to a million DMG per swipe.
My question is, what do I need in order to slap Arhat silly that way ?
Though I play Manually I follow the above example.
I'll make Lupin S,T because the attacker moves too quick for Lupin as Lupin get's no speed buff. It's to ensure crit buff stays up.
Semele I'll tap only if I see any petrified units.
What do I need ?
Uploaded a clip of how my battles look. By no means do I get it done in little time. After watching myself it's easier to see that it's best to use Semele's tap before executing fever with Lupin.

Awesome ! Last of Us Man ! ( Video Update ) +10
DESTINY CHILD Jun 21, 2021, 09:15 PM
2 60

F2P Break ( Updated )

I haven't spent a dime on the game since ignition was introduced to global, before that I'd regularly buy stuff for that extra edge, but after 7 grand I decided that'll be enough of that nonsense. Until now.

As I was expecting my luck with Lupin sucks, only 1 copy from summoning. I blew away all my 5☆ units in HoR, blood gems are gone. Her exclusive banner is also gone.

My average this wb is 11-14 million while my highest was 19M.

I've been among some of the strongest at one point, but as the bosses get stronger and my units are more difficult to complete, the game for me has become a bit of a drag.

Lupin is an important unit and in all honesty I'm tired of my DC sucking everyday so maybe I'll buy some copies starting here.

For $180 I can have 2 copies for Lupin+2

As you know it's going to come with a bunch of tickets and bloodgems so it'll be wise to use them all up before moving to the shop to spend another stupid amount of money for Lupin.

There. $180 and Lupin is now +2

I'll try my luck with these tickets first.

I still have to earn the rest of the shit i feel i paid for, by spending hundreds more, don't worry I'll probably be unlucky.
The 10x weren't special and I got Medusa, Mircalla and Banshee from the 3 dark 5☆ tickets.

I'm at 120 bloodgems time to lay waste to them before going to the shop.

Lupin in 3rd place ok
4☆ HoR.

I use 33 bloodgems at a time. Milage is high so I'll get one of those units this session but really it's Lupin or nothing.

First try. I got a damn Lupin

87 bloodgems left, milage barely moved.

Round 2.

Fail. Milage maxed out though. And I get....

I'll put a lock on that until I need her.

Round 3

Not enough bloodgems to do another at 27% I'll wait till I get 6 bloodgems from the next 6 dead bosses.

At +3 now

Mission 8 now

I'll need 1 more copy before I can scratch more tickets. I'll try my luck with the cheap 2700 crystal package

The last summon got my hopes up but it's just Jupiter. I'm going to waste more money.

Start cheaper. This will mean I can scratch more tickets.


It also came with this box I better use.


As for the box, i got mini davi bread.

Time to scratch tickets again.

Nothing. The 5☆ was a single this time and it was 2 sided Moa.

Next purchase will cost $114 but there's this other mission with more tickets I should use up first.


Time passed me by. I can still use practice mode to see how Lupin will perform now anyway.

I'll stop wasting money for now since anything can happen at this point. If I manage to get the last 2 copies of Lupin from HoR or summon banner, then I'll save $230 not including those crystals I'll probably pick up for another $230, which is fucked up and why this game is cancer and once again the illness is mine.

I'm pretty sure they laugh everytime someone calls them generous.

EDIT: It's the next day, WB is over and I still need 2 copies of Lupin.

^ Got 1 of these 54,000 crystal packs. Going for 2 more Lupin, and I could use some crystals considering the damn raid is coming and ingame I'm broke.

$356 ( bought the 2700 daily crystals again )

It's a gamble cause I could blow away the crystals without uncapping Lupin
But I got lucky enough

It's not to say getting the crystal pack was the smarter thing to do, it just turned out well. I could have easily been stuck buying the 2 copies of Lupin in the shop for a lot more after buying this.

She'll get the spa treatment in a minute.

My WB was real shitty this time. Best damage was 24 million. I never really cared about that tbh, I just needed this unit.

Still I think it's about time I unleash my ignition cores for WB units. It's still a drag growing weaker with every WB and raid. I just don't want to ignite a unit only so a new unit can power creep on it and I'm stuck with an unusable ignited unit.

One day I'm going to give away my account probably to one of you, though I like this game a great deal it's surely a bad habit and the dumbest thing I've invested in due to it's ridiculously high prices.

Hope you enjoyed this presentation, and as usual, my haters, you know what to do.

F2P Break ( Updated ) +27
DESTINY CHILD Jun 13, 2021, 01:31 PM
8 35

CM Shift*

Greetings, reliable one.
The clean up crew is on the way.
We need you to understand why you must delay deleting any spam for a short while. The higher ups at 7r6 will be coming here, and they will personally terminate their business dealings with those who violated their terms of use and end the spam.
Please read this post so you and the team can understand what's about to happen.

DESTINY CHILD May 16, 2021, 02:30 PM
0 3

Destroying Spammers

So I visited the source of 7r6 dot com. It is a company called R7 URL Short. They seem like a modest company so let's not hate on them, cause they oppose their links being spammed.
It is a website that pays people whenever their links are clicked. However they have strict rules for their commissioned workers.
1st rule. "Do not ask people to click on 7r6 links"
5th rule. "Do not use bots to generate revenue"
6th rule. "Do not Spam our links"
"We reserve the right at any time to modify or discontinue the service (or content thereof) without notice at any time."
"We reserve the right to not pay for false traffic".
(This next one is solid gold.....)
COMPLIANCE WITH LAWS: "We WILL disclose your personal information where required to do so by law, or subpoena or if we believe that such action is necessary to comply with the law and the reasonable request of law enforcement or to protect the security or integrity of our service."
Oh..... That last paragraph ^
"We collect information that your browser sends whenever you visit our service {"Log data"}. This Log Data may include information such as your computer's Internet Protocol IP address, browser type, browser version, the pages of our service that you visit, the time and date of your visit, the time spent on those pages and other statistics. In addition, we may use third party services such as Google Analytics that collect, monitor and analyze this type of information in order to increase our service's functionality. These third party service providers have their own privacy policies addressing how they use such information.
- I will personally take the liberty of contacting R7 URL Short
- I will report the violations of their terms of service and I will bring them here.
- The ignorant spammers who have been tarnishing the reputation of their 7r6 business model WILL be known to R7. Surely VPN's and TOR nodes are blocked on their service as transparency is a requirement for them to pay workers.
- They will then see the spam, and they will also find every single 7r6 link that was ever posted to Moot. And they WILL know who did it.
The spammer's account with R7 will then be suspended and investigated before being terminated, and maybe.. The spammer will then be charged by R7 for their misconduct, as it will be clear that they have been doing this for several months just here alone, violating the TOS and getting paid.
Very soon this harassment will cease. And any form of Ddos attack on moot will lead to one of us ( probably me ) to hold R7 as a valuable asset in which I will request the identity of our abuser, as they have been quite an inconvenience for all parties. In light of this matter, I HOPE it comes down to sharing of information as Ddos attacks are a crime.

Destroying Spammers +1
DESTINY CHILD May 16, 2021, 01:22 PM
0 7

Question for the one posting garbage links.

I don't think you really know English, nor do I expect any answers. I'm curious.
Are you trying to make money here of all places, like that ?
I ask cause you always say the same things over and over again, and we're just a small group of regulars who don't particularly like your 7r6 links.
Next question.
Are you living in poverty ? It seems so since it's important to you that we click your links.
Whatever the case I hope you find a better way, cause at this point your death would actually be a convenience to a lot of people, that's no way to live.

DESTINY CHILD May 16, 2021, 12:13 PM
0 2

Another Hot Spring Arrangement

Surprise reader. You never saw this coming did you ?

It's been awhile.

Behold ! I call it....
"Double Chocolate Butterscotch Strawberry Vanilla soup"
The leg spread trick, I claim to be the first to do that in this moot community, and now I present the piece of ass'n'thigh trick to the bottom right. ( I've waited to find a use for that plump thing. )

Mircalla's left arm is part accessory. I find it was worth covering a part of her boob for the tit squeeze look.

Might tweak that plump thing later, though it's fine.

Mircalla I'll probably never use unless she's a key player in a boss battle. I have this theory, if the unit is insanely lude, she'll most likely be useless, but while the masses invest in these lusty types (Bari I'm calling you out too) they will also need to save up and invest in the more useful ones.

If you notice Mafdet's right hand, that's an accessory as well.

Eve I don't consider super hot, but as you can see I managed to spice her up by setting up contact with Tiamat.

Tiamat originally had a leg accessory and was situated infront of Mafdet, but I did away with it when i moved her there. The leg then would have made the portrait seem a bit conjested.

With the addition of Mircalla I figure I'd add some more tatas so Radient Mona was added.

Chang'e is still soaking. In 2021, I know. This would be an action shot hence her and Maat's facial expressions. The scale and distance of the legs indicate she's short. She also has that hand accessory. Mafdet has the same accessories but made to appear taller.

You never saw Maat smile ? She always smiles around me.

Rookie Mona. I Bathe her for stats. She get's a foot and a hand simply because they work well with her. Unlike the others I'm more fond of her pleased facial expression.

This concludes this presentation. Feel free to post your spas here, or not, It's gotten kinda stale around here these days. Might aswell make light of the matter so from the bottom of my heart, I wish you a merry 7r6 plague dear reader !

Another Hot Spring Arrangement +3
DESTINY CHILD May 15, 2021, 05:21 PM
1 5

I just wanted to say

Moderators. You failed us, and your employer.

You've allowed spambots to kill what's left of the crippled forum for days now.

With that I wanted to say, moderators and spammers, into the lake of fire with you. Yes you too our dear CM ALT.

Moot ? You're going to keep Moot after they broke this site so we'll never know if someone is talking to us unless we in the random future look back. Meanwhile the regulars continue to vanish.

Very soon, and I mean right now all that'll be left here will be spambots, mods, and newbies browsing through the low quality garbage which now dominates YOUR global community.

I suggest you find a Samurai who'll hear everything the community writes while removing the cancer that brings shame to your platform.

Also, I haven't forgotten about you my haters. Into the lake of fire with you too.

I just wanted to say
DESTINY CHILD May 10, 2021, 06:19 AM
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P2W to F2P

I'm made this thread in response to Zombie Dane's inquiry in another thread cause notifications for replies is broken. I ended up yappin a lot.

I wasn't crazy about clearing out the store shelf like the other whales, I just wanted to complete units, get the prism, and be satisfied with my performance at every event. I did spend a staggering amount in DC. More than any game I've ever played, and I'll keep it that way.

In the image Rusalka is highlighted. That's my final p2w.

- p2w = Any child before Rusalka that isn't completed in the image, I have their final copy locked away for another time. In other words, I have them.

- f2p = Any unit after Rusalka, doesn't get completed, in most cases not even close.

There we see Frosty Saturn good and done, I might have forgotten how that happened. It's likely completing her came with a prize considering I have no intetest in using her, but by some freak accident I was able to complete her. Possibly it was from trying to complete Snowy Neptune with HoR.

Bloodgems to me are a mild bonus I barely care about, so I'll gamble them away 33 at a time in HoR once in awhile. I use ☆4 units for that. Of course I can't do this all that often.

The above image we see Virupa 6☆+2 with a normal SC.

In p2w I'd make sure to get a prism but now I couldn't be arsed. F2p so I leveled her to 50 with level up materials and grindind her to 60.

Between her and the carta it ran me about 40,000 or so crystals, and 1 copy of her came from HoR.

Of all the units I don't have done, she is that one bad ass I should probably pick up. Just rolled for her once tonight and left it at that.

Sure I've been killing the raid boss with Ignited Eve, Quicker than any raid too.

In WB's I also settle for whatever. 20-30 million damage.

See it's not because of the pandemic or financial issues as to why I stopped giving Shiftup hundreds of dollars a month. It's because I do think of this game as a bad habit, like gambling or crack, or something that can and actually has ruined lives, so striving to be number 1 is without a doubt a fools errand.

However. If you been around for awhile, the game ends up with a nice ring to it. How reusable our collection has become, especially Eve, for the love of God she is the best attacker in the game period.

Underground. Eve.
Story Mode at high levels. Eve.
Labyrinth. Eve.
PvP. Eve.
Fire Raid. Eve.
ND. Eve.

WB ? Eve in most cases is too strong and will take away buff priority from others, though when it comes to WB poison, Thetis must give up her SC to Eve.

Years later and some of the first gen units are still the best at what they do.

The point I'm making is. It hasn't been necessary to max out the latest unit for some time. Virupa is special in fire raids only, but not important to max out for the long time players for now. I don't know if she's stronger than Thanatos in WB, but probably not when i think about it. When WB has 12 million HP, then Virupa will be valuable to the long time regulars and hopefully the f2p players can have her ready when that day comes.

P2W to F2P +1
DESTINY CHILD Mar 20, 2021, 05:28 PM
4 29


The way it's supposed to be.

Anemone is my favorite flav right now. What does she do as a unit ? I forgot, she makes the opponent retarded or something. it's fine.
Bathory fills the screen with a warm grapefruit colour, very welcoming when I have her there.
Nirrti is naked so she makes the cut. She also seems thicker up close. There is also something else dripping on her. Might be demon semen.
Mafdet. Better zoom it back to show more of that gold thing behind her head, too bright this close.
Selene. Often neglected but never rejected. Don't think I ever used her, though I do have 2 of her. ( was leveling her, but then settled for her on Lisa's extra lessons )
Bari. We spanked her covered ass on that raid back when i was too pleb too 1 shot her. Still she was smoking hot and the creator knew we'd max her out even though she's been useless.

Homescreens +5
DESTINY CHILD Mar 15, 2021, 09:46 AM
1 2

Why I hate the Ignition System

Unwanted expenses.

- If you're f2p then the grind and saving up just became more intense.

- If you're p2w ( Yes we have that. ) then you'll be paying more to keep up with the hotshots. Game is RNG with low odds so in most cases more than double the cost if you want your 7 copies, and ignition cores.

- There is now a downside to using HoR, as there are downsides to using Ignition. But forget using HoR anyway.

Ignition is a tax on nearly every resource. If we don't pay it our existing finished units will become weak in PvP and other events. Along the lines of infinity it was never necessary to be even stronger, especially while our units are prone to expiration due to new units creeping on them.

Personal experience...

I got 1 copy of Leo and after a crystal disaster I decided to leave it at that. ( Crystals spent unknown. A lot )

Used HoR twice, no Leo. ( Twelve 5☆ )

I did end up buying the prism (which is kinda useless, gave it to Leo ) $50 USD

Ignited Mafdet twice ( four 5☆ units 198 ignition core material )

Now I can't speak for everyone but I was a lot happier forking out cash and maybe getting that 7th copy and some fodder for HoR, then 1 shotting the raid, but to me it seems as though I will no longer be getting my copies in a timely manner, and ignition now is priority.

4☆ should be the required material. Even if we needed 6 of them per ignition that would've been better This isn't really something that makes some of us happy. It's a good concept but the requirements is a real drag.

DESTINY CHILD Dec 16, 2020, 03:45 AM
4 11

Thanatos Vs. Mafdet

I think Thanatos. But Mafdet is the one everyone is igniting.
The only thing that ever held Thanatos back, was the lack of SC for him during raids. But now there's one he can use for this purpose, not even Deino can touch Thanatos, and we have a member who claims to have used Thanatos to 1 shot Cain, without Ignition.
I've yet to use ignition, and I never 1 shot this boss, and I don't have this prism ( cause you're expensive Shiftup and I paid you good time and time again damn it ), But maybe I will pay yet again ( I'm resentful ), and if I do, I'm giving it all to Thanatos ! And next year when we see a water WB, Thanatos will once again be a hot shot, except mine might be ignited to completion.
For now I'll take it easy this raid. Collect my prizes, let my friends and slayers finish what I've started, and sometimes get my ass kicked. In the process I'll hold onto these cores and fodder, until something better comes our way. I don't think I'll want Mafdet to have these upgrades right now.
( Advance message to my downvoters: Thanks for your attention. Suck my toe ! )

DESTINY CHILD Dec 9, 2020, 10:43 AM
4 15

Toeknee & Juliet.

I told myself I'd record all summons and ticket and HoR usage with some action on the side and make a nice clip. But I didn't. It would've been a wonderful little clip from yesterday alone.

Last Raid I wasn't very active, but I managed to complete Davi today. Failnaught is at +3.

Scratched the soul carta tickets I saved from last WB. The 2nd last prism ticket was my fantasy manifested before my eyes. I will 1 shot this boss when I get there.
Back again and got another one. Raining 5☆

When I summon, I'll take small breaks to peck at tickets in the invetory. The below image came from a 4-5☆ ticket.
Surprise again.
All of this with less than 30,000 crystals.

I did not include the Saturn I got or the final davi uncap, or what fodder I've obtained. All I know is I'd like to have more days like this.

Thank you Random Number Gesus ❤⭐⚡

Toeknee &amp; Juliet. +8
DESTINY CHILD Nov 6, 2020, 04:17 PM
2 2

Kasumi WB

Any questions ?

Kasumi WB +14
DESTINY CHILD Oct 28, 2020, 08:56 PM
2 30

The Relaxing Beach Experience

Hardly have any crystals and real money cause you're rolling for up to 5 DOA characters, so you don't prioritize getting this carta ? You're not missing much.

So you buy this for $60 Canadian/what have you, and it goes to your mailbox with 25 five☆ galaxy cards like so.
You then have to clear out your invetory so you can take the "purchased" items out of your mailbox

In the above image we see why I had to sell off some of the very gear I would've used to enhance the card. Some of it was handed to units while the rest was purged until I had enough space. ( purged the lowest grades lowest star items)

If/when you get this card and you spend the 6 million or so gold to max it out, and in my case summon some equipment after the equipment purge. You're still rubbing your goatee ( If you're a man with balls of steel like me )
After the lousey experience. The first thing you'll probably do is give it to a speed attacker and put them on the front line of WB, and as expected you'll notice the following..

- Your attacker's ATK has been nerfed. Then the special option takes what ATK you have left and increases it 22% in this case. Sadness manifest.

- Pantheon, Mona, and Chang'e, will ignore our subject

- In the front line our subject may/will get stunned.

- No crit buff, no speed buffs.

^ That was for Siren and Abaddon.

Giving this carta to maxed out Ayane can put her ontop of the ATK list, but then... So can many other ATK/CRT cards and even make her stronger.

But you don't want your attackers to get poisond and stunned ? That's fine keep them in the back row. There's 0 benefit the HP/DEF this card offers while made for an attacker in WB.

Some of you might have noticed that guy Adrenaline has 2 attackers in the front line.

I bring him up cause he's always a shinning example of what a WB party should be.
I have little clues as to why a hotshot would put them ontop where they are prone to getting stunned and cancelled out for fever. Being first to charge after 2 fevertimes isn't worth the trade off.

That being said him having those attackers up there doesn't mean he's nerfing them into weaklings with this carta.

I do agree with using Hermes for Siren and Abaddon.

( I'm still 50% unsure of that guy tbh. It could be Jong Un or Putin playing on that account )
My personal opinion is this card, it's sexy trash.

The Japanese version offers ATK/CRT making it reusable for future water WB, while this global version, we could emulate it with weaker gear.

I sometimes take away Ayane's weapon and accessory when I want her to be 3rd highest ATK with leverage, so Sytry doesn't put Ayane back on top. Could have been done without this card.

I noticed I can buy 4 more of these beauties in the shop LOL.

If anyone knows of a good use case for this card please enlighten us. All I see is a WB card that works in the boss's favor.

Also. I'll like to give a shot out to my haters. You know who you are. What's good !? 💥

The Relaxing Beach Experience +4
DESTINY CHILD Oct 27, 2020, 06:08 AM
2 10

Heavy Rolling Ayane Banner

Just to get it out of the way. RNG and luck, I know.

For those of you that rolled a lot with this banner, I'm curious about your experience with it.

For me it puts out so much 5☆ fodder but rarely is it ever Ayane. ( I'm saying this after days of rolling )

I never screen capped all of them but I've gotten the same fodder over and over again and was able to HoR quite a bit, mostly from this banner.

EDIT: And again.

Yes i single rolled.

Hor again.
Finally +5 And same 5☆ happened to turn up.

Heavy Rolling Ayane Banner +8
DESTINY CHILD Oct 26, 2020, 11:00 AM
4 2

Global version better for WB

In the tap tap version I experienced this thing where gear swapping did not change who was being buffed by Pantheon. Same with speed buffs.

So I ran the game in global version and the issue was resolved.

To be clear I'll describe what happened with this image.

In the Taptap version, Daphnis would get the buffs no matter what. Moving over to global version resolved that, and Abaddon and Siren got them.

Global version

( Ignore this image I can't take it down. This one is the power filter)

The tap tap version will play correctly "sometimes"

The point I'm trying to make. Is difficult to show. I might have to make a video.

Global version better for WB +3
DESTINY CHILD Oct 24, 2020, 02:00 PM
4 11

This needs to be fixed

For an attacker the HP and DEF is not needed in World Boss.
Anyone who optimizes their party's output will put the attacker in the back row.
The community touched on this subject, and found the Japanese version of this carta has ATK/CRT.

This needs to be fixed
DESTINY CHILD Oct 23, 2020, 10:34 AM
1 8

Question for people who have S options

When you get the S option. Did you craft with the item equipped on a unit when it happened ?
I'm seeing a lot of you with multiple S options, and no matter how hard I tried to this point it doesn't give it up to me. I do unequip the item when crafting it, and I'm starting to wonder if unequipping items is preventing me from scoring an S.

DESTINY CHILD Sep 12, 2020, 01:13 AM
0 61


Another lag report I know...
Galaxy Note 10+ Snapdragon 855 Android 10
Happens off and on in PvP.
I never had any lag until last World Boss when a fix for lag was announced, that's when it started happening.
If I reboot the game and go directly to PvP then it'll be fine, but today I logged in and went directly to PvP and the lag started and costed me a round. It's not just the framerate being choppy, but my commands fail once or twice, or something else happens where the critical will vanish then I get bitch slapped.
An unrelated subject = For crafting, please make it my turn to get an S for a change. From now all the way back to when crafting was released on global, I never got a single one. With this much fail, buying your stones at these prices is a very bad idea.
Thanks in advance. <3

DESTINY CHILD Sep 10, 2020, 07:40 AM
0 4

Model Art Part Deux

Bari is still a work in progress. She already had 2 plastic surgeries, and unlike the others, I'm working on her costume personally. ( still I know). I want her costume to have cloth physics and it's turned into a lengthy learning experience for me, plus I have my daily trading to do, so time is limited. Or rather, I work and play too much to have gotten it done at this point in time.
However I know some of you will ask me to bring Bari so here she is without the proper costume and accessories for now.
The skin texture on Bari is a 4K wet skin mod, credit goes to Hooh, an A grade modder. If Moot gives you the HQ version of the image, you'll get it by opening these images and examining them. Super detailed wet skin I tell you. Later on I'll bring it to photoshop to add a small mole on her chest.
When I finally finish her cloak, I'll hammer out the proper head and arm gear. The generic panty is good enough for times like this when I censor her.
When I was collecting references for Bari's attire, I stumbled upon this video.
A split down the back of the cloak ? I like that so I added it to the one I made.
Moving on.
Mafdet with a little nylon
Working with Lisa was a pleasure. For this model I had to offset the distance for her legs and enlarge the upper thighs while maintaining Lisa's slender leggy appearance. The outfit is all off the shelf. Innactuate yet very familiar.
Lisa is often miserable and doesn't smile all that much so staying within those boundaries just made it feel more like her. Someone with her personality is difficult to connect which in my opinion is part of her appeal.
Her attire is unusual but it grew on me quite a bit.
Some of you will be wondering how did his face turn out. It's nothing to get excited about he's a WIP. Never had a hood for him, so I made due with what I have to work with.
Not even I am sure of what they are talking about. Mona probably wants to go make pacts, while Lisa is unimpressed probably because someone hasn't completed their daily tasks. Same pose as the last image except I moved Mona closer to Roosterhead. Just wanted to simply present how Mona will move in very close to whoever she's talking to.

Model Art Part Deux +27
DESTINY CHILD Aug 20, 2020, 04:45 PM
1 6

Model Art

So I have this X Rated game where all we do is create characters and bang them. The character creator is rather good so I took a stab and making this.
Intel i7-5820k
GeForce GTX Titan X
Rendered with Unity Engine
I changed the lighting a lot when taking these in studio mode.
The Costume is a mod for Chun Li, I used it since it was the closest thing. Those arm sleeves were off the shelf. I couldn't find a gatling gun so I used those things as cannons.
Some music to makes this presentation more immersive.

Model Art +8
DESTINY CHILD Aug 9, 2020, 12:01 AM
0 25


Just wow

DESTINY CHILD Aug 7, 2020, 06:40 AM
0 2

Summer Shooter Raid, Annie & Bathory Briefing

It's not just having Bathory in this party that will make you win, but knowing what to do with her, which auto mode won't do for you. That thing is .....
.....Before Fevertime when applying all buffs to Annie swipe Bathory last and then tap Annie's drive skill immediately. This will ensure maximum damage and nothing will wear off.
Also before applying buffs ( at least 50% drive gauge before fevertime starts ) you want to let the child's charge up, and hold, the child you're waiting for is Bathory. Then apply the buffs, do Bathory's last, and don't hesitate to hit Annie's drive for fevertime.
- Annie
- Bathory
- Neptune
- Pantheon
- Rookie Mona
Drive order
Annie > Mona > Annie
The rest of the round will be ...... Mona > Bathory > Annie
Annie is best for triggering fevertime in this set up, but she does have an opportunity to use her drive in the beginning, and it's good to start like that cause it makes her insanely strong with the 120% increase to her over all attack.
When we charge our childs and hold them before a fevertime attack, we're not wasting any time, cause the childs would've been on cooldown in that time frame. The reason for doing this is to ensure all buffs are applied to Annie before she goes crazy on Billy.

Summer Shooter Raid, Annie & Bathory Briefing +2
DESTINY CHILD Jul 25, 2020, 06:28 PM
0 4

Summer Shooter Raid Boss

I can't believe i'm writing this post but something is really off about Annie's combat.
Just to get it out of the way I usually am able to 1 shot raids, and I've tried this one from various angles and I'm left wondering if this raid is broken.
It seems as though Annie is too underpowered to one shot Billy.
Max level, and max skills. Best gear, and prism.
I've done this boss with Pantheon, Neptune, Wodan, R. Mona.... Tried it with Bathory which is odd. Tried it with Bikini Lisa.
No matter how buffed Annie is, and how smooth the battle goes, a maxed out and well buffed and played Annie is having serious difficulty taking as much as half of this boss's health.
For some of us, the amount invested seems like a waste as we're agreeing that Jacheongbi has more potential than Annie.
Can one of you maybe relay this concern to the devs so they can test it then let us know that everything is fine ?
For this version of DC. We don't have Maid Sytry who I hear compliments Annie to be much greater at what she does. Is it possible this Maid Sytry was left out of this event maybe for accident ?
If there are no problems, then the devs have truly managed to outdo our imaginations. Maybe there is another child that will debuff or buff the battle to a point where Annie will end up doing 100% more damage throughout the duration of the match, but I don't see it. It's killing my motivation to play this boss and some of us have spent a lot in this event.

DESTINY CHILD Jul 24, 2020, 03:41 PM
1 9

A Whinny Ranty Rant

Temporarily I reckon, but it's now. My presentation.

Sent in my presumably elite party, and I haven't even come close to 1 shotting this boss.

Just to get it out of the way, for those of you astonished at this much progress being done in 12 hours into the Ragna Season. Yes, this is pay to win. Maybe around $500ish today ! And I bought 1 copy of her. The cheaper one, though tbh it would have been cheaper to just buy twice, but at least I got a shit ton of onyx in the process. Moving on.

So. I need to figure out what needs to be done. First world Class "A" emergency here.

- Annie wants to use slide skill and she should as it hits harder, but she needs better cooldown.

Chang'e is actually better at speed buffing than Mona but I probably should keep Mona because of the %15 weak point skill damage buff.

Might try genetic Mona Chang'e party.

The boss's debuff is so gentle it really doesn't seem to be doing much at all, so maybe fire Wodan ? Can't be.

Lisa, Wodan, Annie.

At this point double edge sword is questionable as in, is it working ? Id say yes it is, but 85% positive. Will have to go ahead and test a party without Neptune, though charge speed will take a massive hit, not, cause Wodan has that but it's random and not as good. Might settle anyway.

Annie can pretty much heal herself it seems but that'll cost us 1 swipe attack, which is at a time discount considering tap goes directly to charge.

Anyway, if you read this entire drama saga thanks, and if you stumble accross a solution before I do let me know.

A Whinny Ranty Rant +5
DESTINY CHILD Jul 24, 2020, 09:21 AM
1 7

Summer Shooter Guesswork

I've yet to find any information about the boss's skills for global, so here's what I think from what I manage to scrounge from here and there.

[[Note that this is theory, I'm unsure if any of this is correct at this point in time.]]

Wodan's time to shine is now.
Currently I have her with rank 1 skills, though most onyx will be going to the new attacker child Annie, Wodan's skill rank will be increased nice and easy until she's had enough.

For now it's best not to give any onyx until it's time. Wodan could end up getting swapped but I don't think so.

Why do I think Wodan's time is now ?

I viewed the boss being played on another version of DC and noticed some kind of debuff. That water drop debuff thing.

Wodan is made to tackle time based debuffs and since this is a raid, that debuff is probably real nasty and will probably lead to our party's demise.

For the record the stats in the below are rank 1. It appears Wodan's tap MIGHT also be of interest, but probably not. Need to know more about the boss.

I don't know how ToxicWayz is able to make these. Theory maybe, or it's simply based on the JP version, still there could be an unforseen twist for global. Wodan is pretty high up there which is another thing to consider.

Most importantly, if Wodan started lactating her milk would be more like cream and it'd be sugary.

Summer Shooter Guesswork +4
DESTINY CHILD Jul 20, 2020, 10:17 PM
1 13

20,000,000 DMG World Boss in HD

I've come to gloat ! But first very special thank you to Spikeman for sharing how he broke 26,000,000 in the tips section.
Power 373,106. This might shock some of you, so I'll mention I don't have many crafted items and no one in the back row had armor.......
.....except for Sytry. I found this boss really has a bias against Sytry so I put her in the back row. The boss still killed Sytry while in the back row so that's why Sytry is sporting armor while back there.
Dead Sytry in the back row. If anyone understands why that only happens to Sytry let me know.
"Thetis and Luin" are key, so I made space for them by sacrificing 2 attackers. in my case rank 5 for Thetis and Luin is enough, and putting Durandal back into the mix is what did it in my case.
Because the party has no tank, sometimes we lose party members, sometimes we don't, yet at the same time we can only optimize our DMG output without the tank.
Despite what the video capture shows this time, Jacheongbi usually takes top spot.
There is 1 day left, if you have Thetis and Luin at rank 5, and a power level similar to mine, then getting 20M should be doable. On the most part I see 18M DMG average but if you're going for it, then keep trying.

20,000,000 DMG World Boss in HD +2
DESTINY CHILD Jul 19, 2020, 12:21 PM
1 5

Can't seem to do it again.

Scored nearly 15 million on a practice run the other day. My average is 11 to 13M.

Now my party is stronger and the average hasn't changed.

I also see members with 30,000 more power than myself averaging lower. Maybe cause they put armor on the childs in the back row.

My current party to date. I need more Krampus. Everyone is either max tap and slide, or close to it. Looks like I won't make 20 million this time. It is what it is.

Can't seem to do it again. +1
DESTINY CHILD Jul 13, 2020, 12:19 PM
2 15

Raid - Vanishing Twin

At this point in time I can't say this is the best way to deal with the boss, but it's effective at the least.
Altered Davi's slide skill will cast reflect. This is what's killing your attacker in a flash ( granted your attacker is strong.)
The strategy for beating this boss is to pay close attention to Davi, and to pay attention to see if Heavenly Mona's Vampirism lands on the attacker. I stress, In this case we must watch to see if B. Hildr get's the Vampirism Buff every time.
It's okay for the attacker ( in this case ) to use tap skill when the reflect is up. For everyone else, it's okay to use slide skills as they won't kill themselves in the process.
Here we see an example of Vampirism to the rescue, and why Heavenly Mona is a key player in this raid. The green represents the healing effect while the yellow represents the reflect damage. ( Note: when the reflect is gone, the subtracted damage goes back to the vampirism for an even greater overkill healing effect. Without the Vampirism we're dead in a fraction of a second. )
As for Davi's other buff. In short it's like a steroid for her attack and defense by 30%, and we'll probably do more damage if it wasn't there but we can't really worry about it cause we're racing the clock to produce 6,000,018 damage. Which is more health than any raid boss before her. Of course waiting for that buff to pass before starting may produce significantly better damage output, I really don't know at this point. Need to experiment with that.
Notes on the Boss's Death Heal
This is not a big problem for Neptune. If the one with the lowest damage still has high HP, then go ahead and use Neptune's slide skill for the double edge sword.
In other cases The ones with the lowest HP won't have the Death Heal while other members will, so it'll be fine to use Neptune's slide skill again.
If a party member is low on hp. Even at 50%, do not use Neptune's slide skill until death heal is gone.
In short.
- Watch Davi's buff status for reflect. Always check if the attacker got Vampirism. Then it's safe to go ahead and attack. Or else the attacker is dead. In many cases if reflect is not up, we can just attack, but if Davi put's it up just before we execute a command for the attacker, we'll get bite.
- Use discretion when casting with Neptune. Trial and error, you'll know what to do when the time comes sooner than later.
IMPORTANT - Or I think it is, but when your fever gauge is at 70% or 80% ( the round before triggering fever ) you should....
- Build drive gauge to 50% ( More is okay, but at least 50% )
- Pause and left the whole party cool off so they can lay it down consecutively
- If the Attacker doesn't get Vampirism, then triggering fever is way too risky even if Davi's reflect is not up at the time.
But yes at 50% before fever, refrain from attacking until Pantheon, Neptune, and the Mona's are ready to strike. It's ideal to start with Heavenly Mona's slide skill to see if Vampirism lands on your attacker.
Not the best round as I did end up having to catch my ass a couple of times, but it's a good video as it displays the consequences of slipping up here and there.

Raid - Vanishing Twin +7
DESTINY CHILD Jun 27, 2020, 10:12 AM
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This can happen

4 Flasks.

Of course on the first spin I get the bloodgem, but I declined to move forward. Now i have to be careful not to touch obtain rewards on that screen.

That last one will be my 9th Flask.

On that note it's a good time to prepare for water WB.

This can happen +1
DESTINY CHILD Jun 14, 2020, 08:42 AM
2 12

Miracle from Gesus

So I drop 40,500 crystals in total trying to get this.

Bought bloodgem package for the crystals, bought the 5k crystal package and used up todays devil pass crystals.

Frustrated I start blowing away my luckybox collection.

Finally I use the 5☆ ticket I got from summon mileage, which was the only one i had.

Some of you will think this is lucky, some will think not. Personally I feel better about my ND not getting ruined and I can start collecting crystals again cause I sure wasn't going to spend anymore money.

EDIT: It's been 5 days since this event took place.

- Got her from HoR. Twice

- Got her from ND

- Got her from Devil Pass

- Took a swing at 6% banner

And I still never got her guarantee banner. I might wait till last day or let it go. Depending.

Miracle from Gesus +2
DESTINY CHILD Jun 11, 2020, 10:25 PM
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Bathory Spa Skin = Get

Been waiting for this since we first saw her on the title screen when Spa came out on global.

I do have the 2019 spa select package but I decided to save it for later, and how virtuous it is to be reserved.

Bathory Spa Skin = Get +2
DESTINY CHILD May 25, 2020, 05:51 PM
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Pure Bride Hildr Raid Party

So I cracked and blew away my crystal savings, and bought some crystals and bought 1 Hildr, even though I knew it would be unwise. ( Rant over )
Tap and Slide skill maxed out. She's slightly stronger than Cleopatra which adds up in the long run, and getting her focus to work is never a problem, so add that to the long run as well. Always trigger fevertime with her drive skill which is the focus skill. Cleo is no longer the only one who can spam critical hits during fever time.
Soul Carta is "Centennial Vow" which boosts ATK and AGL with a special option to boost tap skill damage to 765 for light attackers in raids. For this reason I capped out Bridal Hildr's tap skill as well.
Use her slide skill all the time.

Surprise surprise. He's back. and on the most part all he really cares about is some decent armor and a healer. Not only will his slide skill make the member with the highest ATK get 62% odds to hit criticals, but the critical hits will hit 67% harder.
Slide skill all the time.
Rookie Mona. 64.5% charge speed for 2 highest attackers. And 15% increase in weak point damage proportionate to the amount of buffs. Her drive skill is 1 of 3 we use here. Always use her slide skill.
Chang'e. Charge amount +78% with a -2 second cooldown for slide skills. Priority 2 with highest ATK. Use her slide skill.
I don't usually use her drive skill in this party but it's a matter of preference. I'm only interested in beating the boss, and not trying to break speed records.
Neptune. Heals, speed buff, Double Edge Sword for the member with highest ATK stat. with just her slide skill. Her tap skill can increase heal amount by 52% so using her tap skill is a way to anticipate a better heal when we use her slide skill again.
This party moves fast. Because of that we're prone to having to cast Neptune's drive skill earlier than I'm comfortable with.
Straight forward party. Slide skill all the way. Can use any drive skill we please, as long as we use Bride Hildr to trigger fever.
My personal thoughts when comparing this party to my other dark raid party.
The Bridal Hildr party is more dangerous. It's fast and the boss Iphis doesn't seem to prevent Hildr's focus whatsoever.

The Cleo party if you ask me feels more action packed, and suspenseful. There is that feeling of possible failure to one shot with the Cleo party which makes the game play more enjoyable, while with the Hildr party, it's a for sure win.
Neamhain is also fun to have onboard for a change with more buffs vital to dealing damage and nice animation to add that sense of action on amazing music. I use Chang'e every single day so with the Bridal Hildr party I'm not as excited.
At the end I include a tour of my child collection if anyone is interested what's going on back there.

Pure Bride Hildr Raid Party +5
DESTINY CHILD Apr 27, 2020, 11:58 AM
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Secret Bride Ragna Break - Cleopatra Edition

Iphis really gives Cleopatra a hard time. My experience so far has been difficult as far as one shotting the boss goes.
The best raid parties have 1 attacker, and every other job's sole purpose is to support the attacker either by buffing or debuffing resulting in more damage. This ragna season in particular, I don't advise using any debuffers on Iphis.
Tap and slide skill is maxed out.
Originally I was using the Q flask as a weapon, but I decided to exchange the CRT for AGL and started using the Passionate Mic. My reason for doing this... I'm hoping the AGL will somehow take the edge off of the bosses debuff... I just noticed that I'm using the wrong pair of gloves, I have a maxed out pair, this hasn't been an issue though.
The Soul Carta is "Centennial Vow" ATK 2,048 with AGL 1,629
Light Attacker Special option = Increase Tap skill damage by 765 when equipped during a raid.
Cat girl Neamhain. Why ? Her slide skill and drive skill.
Her slide skill - will grant 3 light allies ATK+3017 ( In this case it only matters that the attacker gets this buff ). Aside from the ATK buff, slide skill damage goes up 2008, and in raids skill gauge will pop 45.6% for 2 light allies.
Neamhain's drive skill must always be used to trigger fever time as it offers ATK+40%
I use her leader skill as well which is Debuff EVA +10% with an additional +10% hoping to avoid the bosses nasty debuff. It's not much but whatever. The card isn't very useful, but that doesn't seem to matter much. Maybe I'll swap it.
Rookie Mona.
I chose Mona over Chang'e this time for the additional perks that come with the speed buff, which is Aid 15% ATK increase in proportion to current number of buffs. As for her SC. I am ashamed It's a small HP DEF card, nothing too fancy. Her drive skill is also used which is a better version of her slide skill with 40% skill guage charge amount.
Slide skill offers +62.1% Critical rate.... And Critical damage +67.3%. This means the rate of critical will happens very frequently for the 2 with highest ATK stat. The only thing that matters is that he survives, and he applies his slide skill.
His slide skill is better than his drive skill. In any case, we have better things to do than to use his drive skill. If you're not using Patheon, you're not serious about dealing massive damage in raids and also World Boss.
This child is like a Red Mage. She will heal, speed buff, and grant Double Edge Sword which is a 75.2% ATK increase in raids.
Neptune's drive skill, in all honesty I don't understand the description. It casts something called life link and it seems to deflect the bosses drive skill in a manner that prevents damage for the whole party, despite it's description in game. The best time to use it is when the boss's drive gauge is 90% or just before the boss uses the drive skill.
I can't stress enough how it's about having 1 attacker, and every other child in the party is there to support the attacker. This is the case for all Ragna breaks so far.
This battle I find is RNG really determines if we'll smack her to the ground in 1 go, and from what I gather so far, we can delay the fever no more than two times total throughout the entire round. A delay can happen if Cleopatra's focus fails to work. Delays will also offset the flow of the battle, so when it's time to use Neptune's drive skill, it might be too late.
Managing delays. It's best to prepare Cleo at 55% drive gauge. Tap that focus in, then let the rest of the party rip their slide skills. This must be a calculated attack, and the party doesn't go unless focus is set in place.
If there is an orange star above Cleo's head, then success rate will be worse but it's not impossible to succeed. Still it's better to let that debuff pass before starting.
As for Resurrected Frej, I tried with different combinations with the best gear for him including the 7th Time running away Prism. Multiple speed buffers. I'm unsure if it's possible to oneshot the boss. He can however do around 65 to 75% damage and that result will vary depending on how many criticals he gets.
"But Toeknee ? What about Bridal Hildr ?"
Good question. I'm sorry, that's not really up to me as I'm not obliged to blow away all my resources at this point in time. I feel it's wiser for me to go steady and stick to my plans. I am collecting her periodically and have her listed in the HoR. If I feel satisfied with the number of Hildr I get by mid season, I'll go hard on her and max her out one of her skills. Maybe it's her tap skill that needs to be done or both tap and slide.
For those of you observing this footage for study, keep your eye on Cleopatra. It's what I do before the fever time attack I want to show you.

Secret Bride Ragna Break - Cleopatra Edition +5
DESTINY CHILD Apr 25, 2020, 08:47 PM
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Top 95

I doubt I'll have the energy to keep up.

About that 1 shot kill. It happened the first time I fought the lv. 40 boss.

Later I'll make a party for Resurrected Frej. May not focus on Hildr since I only got her once so far.

Top 95 +2
DESTINY CHILD Apr 24, 2020, 06:45 PM
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