Level 28
66K/72K 4,987 0

Male Gamer🎧🎮

Pumpkin king 👑

Favorite discord servers: Double M and The Hiding Place

Founder of the Trove Lounge! 🔶

I stream on twitch, and I stream art!

I usually play fortnite most of my time (due to having no life)

Favourite male skin is Jack Gourdon

Favorite female skin is Catrina

Age is 14, ok boomer

*cough* don't forget to use code xMari-64 *cough*

I play around 3-8 o'clock Central

I'm a season one bot don't question it

I go by Lucifer or Luci whichever you prefer

Banner by peachy_kris

Currently goal is 300💯💯💯

Founder of apple meme 🍎

IRL Brother: J.onathan18

Top 3 Best Friends: QueenMari2x, TheUglyCarti, and iWardogs

My main console is Nintendo Switch since my membership expired on Xbox and i have no PS4

I have met a lot of cool people on Moot so if your starting off trust me you'll met a lot of friends 👍

And you read the bio of the devil, let that sink in for a bit

Sign up date

  • Joined Moot June 8, 2019

My Moot URL

  • https://moot.us/@callmelucy


  • Such a great game... Such a great game...
  • i used to play lol i used to play lol Stats
  • CallMeLucífer CallMeLucífer
  • wish i had it wish i had it

Streaming Accounts

Game Accounts

  • CallMeLuc1fer CallMeLuc1fer
  • CallMeLucífer CallMeLucífer
  • Houdini Houdini
  • CallMeLucífer CallMeLucífer

Other Accounts

  • etc Discord: CallMeLucífer#3608
  • etc Snapchat: def_lucifer
  • etc Insta: Chris_the_Unlikeable