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Since there are lots of tips about servants, gears, early game, mid, end game, Tiles, dungeon, PvE , PvP strategies... I will point out the tips,
the strenght of all gamers but for some reason, forgotten them.
1. Spend sometime watching and learning guides beforehand. Going through guides all over again when you hit solid wall is pretty frustrating.
2. Always check missions, quests and events so you don't have to over spent karats, valor and your precious time. You can actually do events, missions and quests in 1 go :D
3. Luck may put you at the top, but your will to keep improving is what really let you STAY at the top. Try new things, fail and make mistakes, the more you fail, the more you know 'WHY' you've failed. Now you know your weak spot as well as other players or enemy weak spots. Just poke them where it hurts.
4. Greed is Good...[Only for Crazy Rich People] :D Don't spend all your ingame currencies for one particular thing. What else will you do without those precious, essential currencies to progress the game.
5. Finally, your loyalty is your best arsenal. Login, do your quests, missions and events everyday... BooM, easy peasy. Dev team and the game will reward you. Rewards Rewards Rewards!!!
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