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How u get karat

1. Login rewards
2. Pvp Saison rewards from all pvps in this game( endless pvp, world battle, Boss Invasion, pvp, Server battle, tower invasion)
3. Teamraid, u can get Karat as loot from Team Raid Boss

4. Event,Missions(Daily and weekly)

5. Map 3 Star complete reward

6. Guide reward

7. Fusion 10 Karat per Fusion 10 Times ,10 Karat.. so 100 karat a day

8. Abaddon floor rewards and Saison reward
9. U can buy it in Shop(and in repeat package)
10. Guild Login

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How u get karat +14
HEIR OF LIGHT Jan 25, 2020, 08:05 AM
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Supreme Trade system


It should give a Supreme Trade System 😁 that u can Trade Element supremes for magic Supremes😉

Think about it


HEIR OF LIGHT Jan 11, 2020, 12:57 AM
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Passivs of some subs/heals have to be changed

Hey, After the update that normal Elements dont block passive skill of lds anymore...its not necessery that 3 subs or heals have to block lenore or heylel... i Think 1 nat4 and 1 nat5 passive block for 1 servant is enough... u should change some that block lenore...or a leto...or heylel... and give one for the arc angels and valkyries and other Servants who need to be blocked....there should me more harmony and not just block for the same Servants...


HEIR OF LIGHT Jan 11, 2020, 12:54 AM
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How to get skill buns

1. Do pvp(ipvp,pvp, world pvp,tower Invasion, ...and more..do every pvp!!! u get Karat there too when Sesaon is ending!!u will need it),from pvp points u can get for 150 points =1 Skill Bun..so 3 buns = 450 points per week.

2. Boss Raid, u get (if u do enough dmg At boss) skill bun shards pro run 2x. Every 5th day its a skill bun u need 10 shards to summon a Bun.

3. Events, u get good rewards in hol events and Daily login events like summon stones skill buns and a lot more good stuff. So try to solve the Missions! And try to login to get the Login event rewards ...

4. Map Missions. If u Play the map solve all dungeons a 3 Star, so u get rewards there and skill buns, summon stones and more. U can solve the 3 star rewards for every Element on map and in sanctun ( Portals)

5. Guide and quest reward. U can get skill buns from doing the guide and quest Missions.

6. Do Abaddon! U have 3 modes (easy,hard and hell, each 100f). It fully resettes every 4th week..so u have enough time to try to get further. U get good rewards in Abaddon(Karat, summon stones and skill bun)dont be shy if ur new!just try u will get better every week so dont worry to be too Bad!!Start with easy and hard mode.

7. Crafting, u can also Craft skill buns...but this is no Option for me...

Use ur skill buns wise...if ure new in this game i would choose a dps servant and skill it. Best choice is water lenore for beginners..why?because u get more of her from guide...so u can transcendent her really fast at lvl 70.

U can also pay for skill buns in HOL Shop...but thats no option for me...so i explain the way to get them for free ;)

I hope i could help

Thx 😀 and have fun to catch your skill buns🥳😋

Player id: 10005054901

How to get skill buns +11
HEIR OF LIGHT Jan 8, 2020, 06:02 PM
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Towers Invasion, ld shards for killing ld

Hey HoL Team...in Tower Invasion..every ld nat5 that i kill,i get a normal nat5 Element shard piece....it would be nice, if we get a ld shard for killing an ld ...dont u Think the same???

Would be cool if u change that, thx.

HEIR OF LIGHT Jan 4, 2020, 05:44 AM
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To Clear floor 4 u should use 3 Tanks (all of them should get 15k def)

2 good Heals

And some beastly dmg Dealer for every Stage ;)

A Support who spells Defbreak on Boss is very important, if u havent one your dmg on Boss isnt enough and u will be Not in time..so in the End u die.

All of your Team should be use Servants who have max.potential, max. skills, full awaken and max. transcendent. The gear should be At least +15 or higer.

We use this Heals: Camila red, heylel green(u can also use other Heals. Good is one who can dispel Debuffs from your Team and u should gear them to trigger dps comboskill.

***For example..in our Team i use Water Ankou Tank, Water Arcangel dps and Water Heylel for Support. Heylel uses her Combo and trigger my Arcangels Comboskill. This is very important to make more dmg.***

Tanks:we use Lucretia Water and Ankou Water.(u can also use other Tanks, but look out to use the Relation effect of your Servants.

***For example Water Ankou->Water Blavistky gets her Relation effect, Fire Heide-> carmila etc.***

Dmg Dealer :

*Water Blavitsky for Stage 1( Stage 1 u allways need a dmgdealer who make SPD based dmg)

*Water Arcangel for Stage 2 (def based dmg Dealer)u can also use other def based dmg Dealer like Carmila, Ezebel or Simone..but i prefer the Water Arcangel, because he can heal the Team with his Skills.

*for AoE and Stage 3 water mildred and Water or Fire ignis ( Atk based dmg Dealer)..u van also use A Sphinx..but u need AoE Dps.

Support: our Team use water heylel for def Break.

Thx for reading my Post, i hope i can help.

Username: pirogeth

HEIR OF LIGHT Dec 19, 2019, 07:57 AM
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