Level 20
9,452/12K 7,551 100

Mostly play Destiny Child It's because i really love the beautifully handcrafted high quality artworks + the Live2D tech just makes the game feel more alive. The music is very lovely and nice to listen to. I hope BGM feature is usable soon. I joined during the Catherine event.

The developers of the game SHIFTUP have been doing a amazing job so far :) I'm quite satisfied with the improvements they have made during the months. As long as SHIFTUP can still make Destiny Child a f2p friendly game then i will be looking forward towards it's future:D

I can't wait to see more about Project NIKKE hopefully SHIFTUP can localized it as soon as possible

I'm active + send friend coins daily on Destiny Child and i am looking for friends that do the same, send me a message if you fit the requirements If i am inactive then something bad might happen to me such as my phone died or something

Destiny Child ID bxwkny001ov2

Currently friends is at 75/75 i will update this when i have free slots left.

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  • Joined Moot December 2, 2019

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  • https://moot.us/@dctouko


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