Level 20
9,634/12K 29,308 529

Another silent patch? Chests for slayers

I certainly remember that up to previous Ragna, after I have overcome the lv. 40 raid and have become slayer, any successful assists I provided had the chance of dropping the platinum chest on top of usual loot of coins and stuff.

Just now, I'm a slayer, and as a slayer I've finished off a lv. 38 boss, having dealt roughly 80 % of boss hp, getting the first place, the sole other attacking player being the discoverer.

I've got a chest, but it was silver, not platinum. I'm not sure why. Why not at least gold? Lv. 38 is very close to max lv. of 40, after all. Are they checking whether platinum chest dropped and if not, then giving a consolation option?

Does it have to do with what lineup of prizes is reached at the time?

DESTINY CHILD Jul 19, 2021, 06:09 PM
4 10

In all likelyhood not everybody read this story...

At the very least, my DC account until very recently hadn't had it unlocked.
The reason is obvious, it's from behind an onyx wall. A low one at that, the screenshot comes from the Awakening Scenario II of a three-star Child called Teddy.
All part of a step in developing my relationship with the game. My account doesn't have a lot of onyx, and the game doesn't feel like a source of good impressions from the scenarios cohesion, superposition, humor and world-building if not other things of the same scale.

Rhetorical question is "perhaps more scenarios should be read?" Each non-material child (or demon degraded to, mechanically, the child's role) has a bit of story. There must be gems unbalancedly hidden in plain sight.

My account still doesn't have a sudden influx of extra onyx, but Hecate's Library--a rather recently coalesced feature of the game--allows for cheaper way. At first, when this Library, weirdly used for world boss events narrative repository, was introduced, its description almost begged my hungry visit. But on its shelves not all books in existence were available. It took a bit of time to realize that only at-least-partially awakened childs get to appear in the "Awaken" section of the Library. That means here is the cheapest way to extract the maximum of scenarios allowed to certain players. You get the child, you awaken it to second-lowest class (it costs a 1k onyx in cases of three-stars), then move to read the second and the third awakening scenarios through Library for fees of 1k gold. Collab childs scenarios - you're screwed, if you don't have the childs. Five-star childs - if you don't hoard at least one of each, the proposed way won't work.

As for collection points, useless as they've been, it should be safe to presuppose they wouldn't trigger. And once the child scenarios are accessed via Library, this post hasn't the answer, whether the book access is saved, when the originator child is consumed (back into onyx fodder or whatever else).

The check on first one from below is done for me, the disappointment of Teddie's what it was. The plan for now's to move up through the list, while wasting little onyx, in exchange to learn of all the glory of the story. If any glory in the story's to be had.

In all likelyhood not everybody read this story...
DESTINY CHILD Jul 6, 2021, 08:56 AM
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'Aid / Support' buff name

I have the Newbie Mona, she has an ability to grant the Aid buff.
I can only view her ignition skill adjustments since I haven't actually ignited her. One of those ignition adjustments stops calling the buff "Aid" in favor of "Support". The icon stays the same but perhaps it means a "Support" buff would overwrite an "Aid" buff but not vice versa.

Now comes a new child with more or less the same buff, and her description calls the buff "Support" even before the ignition. And of course I don't have her ignited. I do, however, have her on my raid team and when she throws her buffs around, the green popups display that icon when the buff lands. And those popups call the buff "Aid." That cannot be reasonably explained as anything other than a mistake.

I also don't have the Maiden Miku who is the third child that has Aid in her arsenal, so I don't know how she is affected by the Aid / Support business.

Seems to me all instances of that buff referred to as "Support" are erroneous and should be converted to Aid.

DESTINY CHILD Apr 24, 2021, 02:27 AM
1 3

A new feature silently patched in?

The child location and resized status on home screen is now preserved.

People did request this in the past, I don't recall it being mentioned in the patch notes, and I can only vouch for the Google Play Android version.

A new feature silently patched in?
DESTINY CHILD Mar 13, 2021, 12:04 AM
1 6

Cool narrative dungeon synth tables

First time I've ever had either of prism soul carta and 3-star evo materials, if I remember correctly.

Cool narrative dungeon synth tables +1
DESTINY CHILD Feb 28, 2021, 05:02 AM
2 4

And here I thought the information had to be accurate for legal reasons

And here I thought the information had to be accurate for legal reasons
DESTINY CHILD Feb 12, 2021, 04:13 PM
3 4

Silent lowering of evo crystals drop rate

The perceived drop rate of red crystals in the 2-6-4-1 story dungeon has dipped way below 10% after the Jan 28th patch. It was never a terrific help in grinding through the backlog of Small Aurora Hearts anyway (get them evolved to five stars and evolve whatever else using them rather than base 5-stars).
Now it looks laughable. Childs seem to drop more often, but not drastically so. I thought they (edit: the crystals) do drop still, but I seem to have had three screenshots of daily 10 tries without a single crystal.

This patch, I'm not going to pursue the mission pass of getting the new childs to lvl 60. There's not enough exp around. Stamina, while over the limit since forever, has been being burnt away very fast lately. Wasn't that funny, that log in bonus 100 stamina event? Worth whooping three to four fruitless midnight parades, or Narrative Dungeons or story dungeons of later chapters.

Crystals are the next thing to starve some players off of.

DESTINY CHILD Feb 2, 2021, 12:17 AM
3 8

Some time and roughly 27k crystals spent. What was the haul

One Neptune and two Venus copies. Each took two tries of the respective boosted banner.

The Carta banner after several attempts gave the featured carta in regular form, something forgettable (also regular), and the prism Summer Vacation (the Tamamo pve bleed one).

Exhilarated, I continued on, to get the usual 9 threes and 1 four from the 6% banner.

Two or three broadcasts on pick up banners later, I've got the third Venus.

And then I had my first 8 levels of ND smashed into this...
All in all, probably undeservingly good times for me.
And the event story felt better than I expected.

In other news, four 10x tickets yielded a good ol' water Eve.
Two five-star tickets gave Limos and Hades.

A weapon got to +15 via extraneous fodder items, which meant it was time to add the options, some 48 stones having been spent. First one gave the +750 to all stats option, bringing to my attention the fact there was something related to S-grade option crafting in Mission Passes. The third option kept at least for now was +400 ignore def on slide.

Some time and roughly 27k crystals spent. What was the haul
DESTINY CHILD Jan 14, 2021, 08:56 PM
2 6

Lock-up of auto-repeating Midnight Parades when prompted to reconnect

Android 10, snapdragon 855, the same kind of system that freezes when attaching equipment option via "Items - View Equipped".

When automatic repeat of Midnight Parades (with lanterns) is triggered, since forever, the resulting interface isn't properly responsive. The situation is strikingly different from automatic Underground runs. In the latter, tapping the screen and buttons like "Claim" (the loot) advances the process more quickly through between fights. In Midnight Parade, it's most notable on the screen of the run report, when it counts down before automatically going to the next. The button to just advance rather than waiting for the timer - is purely ornamental and doesn't react when tapped.

When an automatic run is in progress, that button for current status of things works weirdly too. It messes the final report, I think. Not all spa skins get accounted for in the report, if you touch anything.

Finally, if a run is in progress and the network acts up, the buttons to reconnect or restart simply don't work. See the screenshot.

None of the interface elements work. It's basically a freeze, only the music is playing. I have to manually dismiss the game process and start the game anew.

Lock-up of auto-repeating Midnight Parades when prompted to reconnect
DESTINY CHILD Jan 1, 2021, 07:58 PM
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As if there wasn't enough slang & giberrish

Now you have "Guard debuffs", whatever that is. Just thinking of the logic behind the term makes my hate of the game reach dangerous thresholds.

As if there wasn't enough slang & giberrish
DESTINY CHILD Dec 31, 2020, 06:07 PM
3 3

Gambling and exploration

I am past the point of wanting quickest possible gains of childs' exp. On the other hand, none of the resources present in the game would seem to defy possible sinks available for said resource. Stamina is the closest to do that, but that is not my point this time.
The exploration system, which is a widely recognised source of exp for two-star childs crystal farming (though not advertised by the game itself as such, which is not my point either), gives 50% more exp for the same time of exploration done in 1-hour chunks.
I'm not in the mood of running the duty to restart explorations so often, so I opt to use only 12 hour exploration most of the time. It gives three-star and occasional four- or five-star evo materials, instead of lower ones, and I welcome the resulting reduction of strain on my gold reserves, I spend less gold on combining the lower-tier materials to evolve childs.

Note the occasonality of getting four- or five-star mats. That's the point. How often do those pop up instead of apparently guaranteed three-star materials?

Been playing long, done a lot of explorations. Can't help but notice, that of five 12-hour runs you with barely an exception get the four three-star mats and one four-star mat. And that four-star drops in the fifth exploration you claim of the five simultaneous explorations. If materials dropped were a random thing, with whatever percentage there should've been more variety. Five three-star mats, or two four-star mats in five runs. Or a four-star mat dropping not on the fifth report.

It's not random, it's either a hidden mileage gauge, or a blunt switch that is programmed to deliver some sweets with the beets.

And with such obvious fake random aspect, why wouldn't same fake random things be imaginable in other places, too.
Like, softly discourage non-paying customers by giving them worse summon rates here and there and worse pvp auto-attack order. Or, if someone had bought a 777-coin ticket from the Devil Rumble shop, zero the probability of those appearing again for three months. Or, if someone is in your managerial good graces IRL, let them summon banner childs on each try.

Helps me never to think of myself in terms of "lucky"/"unlucky".

DESTINY CHILD Dec 28, 2020, 11:57 AM
2 3

"It will happen, and it will happen in our lifetime..."

Got the featured Child on day one from daily login reward of a five-star ticket.

Haven't tried those boosted banners yet. It's not fully awakened, but seeing the new DC title screen I had to post my variation of it. I just find these kind of omissions funny.

"It will happen, and it will happen in our lifetime..."
DESTINY CHILD Dec 17, 2020, 06:44 PM
1 0

Weirdest of lucks

Was doing the 10 story dungeon visits per Lisa's Daily Task. Got 7 raid bosses.
(No, not that GOT7, but not a common thing to run into nonetheless)

Weirdest of lucks
DESTINY CHILD Nov 12, 2020, 08:15 PM
1 3

Thought they enabled the wrong event

Yesterday I had a mindblowing streak of five-stars skins in Midinght parade, but not a lot of equipment options crafting luck.
Today, the ten-lantern run was fruitless, but here's the first (of the event) tasty S-grade. Must've been not too much more than a hundred tries total across various equips that this happened.

Thought they enabled the wrong event
DESTINY CHILD Nov 6, 2020, 10:38 PM
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Let's reiterate some Soul Carta names

We have
Relaxing at the Beach;
Summer Vacation;
Relaxing Beach.

We do also have Afternoon Nap and assorted Napping place.

We don't have "Happily Coding", "Vivid Storytelling" or "No Lag in Equipment Options".

I begin to think Shift Up employees send a cry for help of some kind.

DESTINY CHILD Oct 30, 2020, 04:25 PM
0 2

On farming the sevenths

The new subchapter continues on the trend set by all but the first subchapters of Chapter 2.

The seventh dungeon of those subchapters drops a four-star armor (always the same across the five subchapters in question). Four-star equip is better fuel for Soul Carta enhancement.

What makes the new Seventh more attractive than those before it is that it drops red evolution crystals, helping an f2p player to more easily evolve the aurora heart material childs.
It also has an exp bonus.

So, if one is not dissuaded by stamina cost or by imbalance in crafting tools inventory (all sevenths so far drop only armor crafting tools), the new "Luin's Intensive Training IV" is the place to go for daily 10.
They never admitted to those drop tables being a bug in a bug report post of mine from some six months ago, so everyone is entitled to their own opinions.

On farming the sevenths
DESTINY CHILD Oct 29, 2020, 05:57 AM
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Bad interface design

Like an addict, I've spent enough crystals on that mission pass banner to be left with 42 crystals. When I try to buy more tickets for the World Boss, an alert states I've not enough and offers to go purchase some from Lan Fei.

The flaw I see, it doesn't say how much my purchase would have cost me. Do I need to buy up to 50 like the Devil Rumble shop reset? 100 like Devil Rumble tickets? 200 like something else? 300 like daily dungeons? 1000 like underground? 2000 like spa quick finish?

Bad interface design
DESTINY CHILD Oct 29, 2020, 05:18 AM
0 7

Platinum V

A few (not many) lucky equipment options, +4 Wood debuffer Sytry in place of Water attacker Eve, max enhancement of soul carta on Dark healer Midas. Neither Athena, nor Thisbe are uncapped enough to displace Dana and Chang'e. Wood debuffer Bathory as leader.

Then, suddenly, goodbye Plat III, hello Plat V.

Strange how there weren't enough people to bar me from ascension.

Platinum V
DESTINY CHILD Oct 22, 2020, 11:42 PM
0 2

Ragna Inquisition recruiting

1. Get some friends on your Destiny Child account.
2. Get a raid summoned.
3. Call out to friends for help (the button in the raid list) to increase your odds.
4. Attack the raid, but pause the fight, then let the game running. You might be more comfortable with the wall charger maintaining the charge of your phone.
5. Allow up to 2 hours, then quit the fight or restart the app or restart the phone.
6. What happens is your friends jump to a conclusion that you're fighting the raid and they can join to help you beat the raid while spending extra tickets. If you're lucky, you're now a proud owner of a "stolen" raid.
7. Visit the respective menus, make the screenshots.
8. Now you can rage post about the insensitive abusive community your innocent soul must endure, too. Good times.

Ragna Inquisition recruiting
DESTINY CHILD Oct 1, 2020, 07:21 AM
7 3

Is this a cheater?

Neptune as a sole healer top place daily 470k team power.

Is this a cheater?
DESTINY CHILD Sep 21, 2020, 03:23 PM
5 37

Not a bad day at spa

I've just had my daily run of Spa Midnight Parades, 10 Scarlet Lanterns today. No big hopes, plenty of times it yielded barely anything.

It came back with two Tamamo and Brigid spa skins. 🧐

Thinking maybe, just maybe, I've stumbled upon a weird hidden mechanic of hot hour at Midnight Parade, -- I've gone on to do a 10 run of Azure Lanterns. What do I risk, it's just a 100k reset plus the often-fruitless lanterns themselves.

Got Bes 😇 in four, then the Milage overflowed -- Eshu skin from it -- then the rest was basic trash.

Still, a five-star skin, maybe worth to keep going. I tried it again, Viridian Lanterns this time. Found a Midas skin. 😶

Oh, that was not a waifu, but I'd risk it again. Another Scarlet times 10, which finally proved to be a waste at last, no five-star skins found.

To fuel more gambling theories, the lantern colors were picked based on which I had the largest number of.
Never managed to attach more than one screenshot to moot posts, so I didn't take them all that diligently, and neither did I add them here, so feel free to disbelieve the story.

DESTINY CHILD Sep 13, 2020, 10:50 PM
0 1

Have you seen the kitten cast aside by Demon Worlders..

.. Toiling away waving dust-gray tail
Bitten more than he can chew, in his head he only knew
That his calls for help were a never-reaching wail.

So how can you tell me you're lo-oh-nely?
And say for you that the Sun don't shine?
Let me take you by the hand and lead you through the streets of Ragna.
I'll show you something that'll make you change your mind.

Have you seen the kitten cast aside by Demon Worlders..
DESTINY CHILD Aug 3, 2020, 01:17 AM
0 1

Intermission Ch. 1 drops and missions

Lisa's Mission Pass with crafting materials rewards (the one essentially asking for 10k stamina for full 400 clears) does count Intermission Chapter 1 story dungeons as its Chapter 2 story dungeons.

The "Intermission Ch. 1 - part IV. Wailing Black - Stage 7 Cocoon of Return" joins the previously discovered eyebrow-raising list of dungeons dropping four-star equipment. It's the same armor piece as in the similar dungeons (2-2-2-3, 2-3-2-3, 2-4-2-3), the fact not dissuading the suspicion that it is all a bug.
Though ALL previous Chapter 2 dungeons now list crafting materials in place of equipment drops, I would assume previous equipment loot is still there too, the same as before the Intermission introduction.

"Stage 7 Cocoon of Return" drops water evolution crystals. Which doesn't overlap with the aforementioned Ch.2 dungeons (dark, light and wood).

"Stage 8 Awakened Davi" drops fire evolution crystals 😍. But I've had a three-star armor drop there as well.

So far I've yet to check II-3 for what accompanies the fire crystals there, but no new mission had randomly dropped me a four-star weapon or accessory so far. No clear-cut way to double down on enhancement of those equipment types yet.
(Edit: II-3 dropped a b-grade three-star weapon, leaving fire as the only type of crystal that doesn't drop in a same dungeon as four-star equipment)

The story is a complete repetition of the respective Ragna Story (more stamina cost, less difficulty than expected for Ch.2, I think). At least in the Night World Replay Scenario Bar the story is not listed twice.

DESTINY CHILD Jul 9, 2020, 11:18 PM
0 4

Regen equipment options

In the early days of Soul Carta I was thinking regen stats affected the outgoing regen buffs. Like, a healer equips the card and now healing cast by said healer has 25 extra hp per tick. Turned out only incoming regen is boosted.

The history repeats itself. The word choice on those options. Regen adjustment is presented differently compared to soul carta's, but works the same way, only on the incoming heals.

I can't test the debuff accuracy option reliably, but who knows. Maybe it too actually increases incoming debuff accuracy.

Regen equipment options +1
DESTINY CHILD Jun 19, 2020, 08:12 PM
1 0

Best place to appreciate Soul Carta art is...

...neither Archive, nor Items inventory, but...

...the "rates" menu on a Soul Carta summoning banner. For some reason the icons there are clickable and you can swipe to advance through the list. No shaking, no overlay, and large enough, if not the largest compared to other options.

Best place to appreciate Soul Carta art is...
DESTINY CHILD May 18, 2020, 05:36 AM
0 0

Possibly a bug but a shortcut to those who'd like to enhance Soul Carta at the moment

Level 2-2-2-3, as I've suddenly realized, offers 4-star equip as loot.
No other story dungeon does, I think (edit: same piece of armor drops in 2-2-3-3; 2-2-4-3). This matters, because 4-star costs less gold per xp gain when enhancing soul cartas, even though the crystal is green and not the more desirable red.

The situation looks very much like a bug, but an in-game report was met with a bureaucratic answer. Like it matters what os I'm using or should I reiterate again some personal information they already have gathered for them to "assist with my issue". All in a weirdly formatted e-mail unlikely compatible with my mailer program.
No issue. Everything's gonna be alright, everything's gonna be alright.

Possibly a bug but a shortcut to those who'd like to enhance Soul Carta at the moment
DESTINY CHILD May 6, 2020, 01:21 AM
0 9

Athena and Pallus voice quality

Two new Childs, both like shouting occasionally. Playing with Japanese voice fx, I cringe, especially when Athena shouts "aegis" at the end of one of her lines upon taps on character screen.
It feels like their shouts have that coarseness, distortion, timbre shift indicative of wrong recording levels. That "aegis!" clips through the headroom or something.
If I'm correct in this observation, then it is really sad to see audio quality slip ups.

DESTINY CHILD Mar 17, 2020, 05:25 PM
0 2

Fifth of Rebirth Labyrinth daily missions doesn't get a completion pop-up anymore

A minor bug, not so long ago I've noticed the titular lack of the fifth pop-up. It's not hard to spot, because I'm usually doing the five runs of the Labyrinth back-to-back. I see the Beginner Alchemist Challenge through to No Philosopher's Stone, but completion of the final mission In Search of Truth doesn't trigger its pop-up.
I mean the one in the top-left corner at the results screen, which, when tapped, brings you to the mission list where you can quickly claim the rewards.
No other missions get completed at the same time (which would cause only a single pop-up most important by some hierarchy).
Does anyone else have the issue?

DESTINY CHILD Feb 17, 2020, 08:36 PM
0 2