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What are your thoughts on a "child sharing" usage?

These questions have probably already been asked before. Nonetheless I wanna ask them [again].
I would like to know your thoughts about child sharing, if you guys don't mind. Since that is almost the only social useful action you can do outside Ragna seasons and it's avaliable on a daily basis I'd like to know that I'm really helpful to my friends in this regard.
After quite some time spent on this game my personal choice fell on the most powerful attacker I have, no matter which element or passive bonus he/she has. But what are your preferences? What type of character you find more suitable for sharing? Do you favor one element more than others? Maybe you look at the passive bonuses in the first place? Or do you choose through stats and overall power? Prefer more versatile heroes? Something else?
Not only that, but also: where do you find this feature being more relevant to use: in the Labyrinth, special event dungeons, resource gathering or story dungeons? Because if it's the Labyrinth I bet there must be some certain appropriate childs to deal with hard stages of the Labytinth rather than general preferences. I personally still don't really know what setup is better here and kinda struggling on a 4.1 stage, thus strongly relying on friends' childs.
So... Which character do you like to see more when you open your friend list and activate friend support before the battle? :)
Or maybe all this stuff doesn't bother you at all so there goes any child you like to share at the moment and just getting friend coins are all that matters? =p
Thank you for your time!

DESTINY CHILD Feb 21, 2020, 05:14 AM
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